We have Met the Enemy

Come on guys ,we all want to win and losing is no fun. But lets not ruin the fun here. We will all feel better after the beating we will hand the argos on monday.

Crying wolf. 62., you cast yourself in the role as a complainer and seemed comfortable with it.

If you can't stand the heat.....

Personaly...I enjoy the debate regarding the Ti-Cats, on this forum. The one thing that stands out on this forum, above most others in the CFL, is the fact that, Hamilton fans are some of the most 'intense' folks...that you will ever meet...regarding their team.
That... is a great, thing.
As fans, we have all been on a roll-a-coster ride, for a very long time. More downs..than ups, in the past five years.
And the journey continue's....and I can't think, of a better place to be.


You're right, SJR. Hamilton fans are tenacious about their football team and we don't take our losses lightly.
Your roller coaster comments are also true, in that, our team has been plunging into it's usual abysmal state that by now, we should all be accustomed to, but damn it; I want some wins!
If the wins continue to avoid us however, I take solace this season, at least,in seeing a brighter future and definite signs of better things to come.
I've learned in the last 6-8 months to avoid confrontations here, since their will always be some who disagree with my opinion just as there are some who will agree. At any rate, when I try to redeem myself or make excuses for a point of view that some
people disagree with, it inevitably leads to useless rants and mud slinging, both from myself and the person(s) who disagrees.
It turns out now, that since I adopted my new policy of avoidence of these confrontations, many of the folks I argued with, turn out to have very good analytical football minds. (Zontar comes to mind)

Zontar can be very harsh with all of us at times, but I must admit, he knows his stuff. I continue to disagree with him at times, but do so in a very subtle, non-defamatory manner. I've actually come to enjoy many of his posts.

I find that the site has become much more informative for me and a lot more fun. After all, we're talking football here, not World War Three. :thup:

The only thing I don't get is, the quote ends with the word "us" - as in you and you and you AND me. Us.

A great quote to use, if us is what is meant. A great acknowledgement of shared responsibility for what really goes on here. It takes two to tango. Two wrongs don't make a right. And so on.

But what does it say then you use that quote and then go on to criticize only the people on the other side of any altercation that you are involved in?

I don't understand this, Section8since72. Could you please explain so that "us" ("we") can get your drift?

It's a breach of privacy and wrong to reveal the content of a private message on a public forum without first obtaining permission.

That's why they're PRIVATE.

Bad form.


Bad form????
If you would pay a little more attention to your friend Ron's posts....you would have seen that he printed ALL my e mail reply to him verbatim on this forum without my permission.!!!
I did not do anything like that.
So check your facts [/b] before you slag me with your nastiness. Do you not have anything better to do?
Find something more pleasant to write about for a change.

Uh, yah, sure...

If you say "we have seen the enemy and he is us", you acknowledge that you share responsiblity for whatever problem you're writing about. (Which seems about right here IMO)

If you then elaborate to say that the responsibility is with a group that doesn't include you, here the "negative posters", your quote should then have been "We have seen the enemy and he is them".

The cause of arguments is people that argue, not what side of an issue they argue.

I did not slag you nor was I nasty. I was merely pointing out proper netiquette. It's not proper for anyone to reveal private and confidential communications on a public forum without permission.

And you did reveal the substance of his private and confidential message.

I didn't read all the posts, but if he's violated confidentiality then that's bad form too of course and it doesn't absolve you.

edit: I can't find any posts in this thread in which ron reveals the contents of any private communications. I've only noticed him quoting comments that were posted on this publiuc forum just as one is supposed to do when engaging in discourse.

Can you show me otherwise? Am I missing it?

no offense guys, but, this thread has nothing to do with the Cats or Football in general and everything to do with people taking shots at each other.

Can we please have a Mod lock this thread and let it find it's way to page 2 a.s.a.p.



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