We have Met the Enemy

'We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us' pogo

A long time reader of this forum
and a new poster whose name is

oskee777 said

I have been an observer for many years and have suffered along with the rest of you with so many poor seasons lately.
I have been a ticats.ca poster for many years and I, and many others, have suffered in a second way

because of the many over-the-top 'passionate' fans here

who are so blinded by emotions
they get irritated with posters

and lash out at them if they say

anything positive or express
any small degree of optimism.

IMO, this destroys many people's desire
to give their opinions on this site.

There are good things and bad things
to discuss about the Tiger Cats, people,

don't let your negative emotions dominate you
and obliterate your basic intelligence and thinking skills.

Don't twist our words to make it appear that
we just expressed one of your big 'pet hates'

so you can rail once again against the injustice
that you have to face just being a Ticat fan.

Unsolicited Advice for one and all,
visitors, newby members and others.

Take some time to identify these people,

and when you do, try to resist
initiating communication with them.

Um, what?

Unsolicited Advice for one and all, visitors, newby members and others.
no thanks... I'll make up my own mind

For goodness sake, relax.


Hey Ron

I’ve read your post a few times. I don’t “think” you were taking a shot at me, but I’m hoping you’ll clarify.

You quoted my 1st post, and I think it’s what you’re referring to. In an open forum, people can express positive or negative views. My frustration is that sometimes “we” as Ticats fans seem to just take it too far. I mentioned that we for the first time since the early McManus years actually have 2 or 3 of the very best players in the CFL…and my point was Why try to run them out of town??

Again, you may have been agreeing with my point of view. I have to admit, your post seems a little confusing.

But thanks again for posting!

I think I know Ron well enough, oskee777 to determine that he was agreeing with you.

I'd like to say that I also agree with you and hope you will continue to post in your very positive manner.

You're a breath of fresh air! Thankyou!

I think ronfromtigertown is exactly right. What is the point of being so negative? What purpose does it serve?

I didn't see the last 2 posts until I posted this one.

Thanks, folks.

oskee7777, great post, I agree with your comments.

My other comments were meant for posters like mr62.

Their meaning is lost unless I introduce you
to a sample post from mr62, oskee7777.

He ended this post with these sweet words.

Here is how it began.


I will resist a 'the pot is calling
the kettle black' comment

but about my 'voices of [t]reason' comment,

which mr62 conveniently ignores so
he can 'hammer' me with it repeatedly.

I refer you to 2 of my posts on August 17 2008.

I did consider your views about coaching changes.

I just have a different view and I simply stated mine

The time to make coaching changes is at the year-end.

If a G.M. in the CFL fires any coach in mid-season
he is admitting that he made a big mistake.

The team's fortunes seldom turn around because
the coach's replacement doesn't have time
to institute new systems so nothing changes much

The team stumbles along. The G.M.'s reputation suffers.


I will stop responding to you

when your posts project an accurate view
of what I think and feel about the Cats.

Until then, find another 'boogie man'
and stop hammering' me over and over.

I would like to see this forum thrive
with good discussions and debate

but when people are lashed out at
because they say positive things

or express optimism about the Ticats

it harms and even destroys the desire
people have to even state their opinions.

There are good and bad things
about the Tiger Cats, people,

state your opinions and argue
fiercely for them all you want,

but please don't strike out at
or start a vendetta against people

who don't share your 'pet hates.'

Ron, I find your posts to be articulate, passionate and positive.

Posters may be positive or negative if they choose but they should never degenerate into attacks against each other.

The "enthusiasm" that some people show on this forum is misguided... Don't waste your energy butting heads with people who are looking for a battle and nothing more. Healthy, heated debate proves how much we all care about this team.

Respect one another.

This is the very reason I rarely participate in this forum anymore, other than game day threads, it's just no fun here anymore!!

Thanks for providing evidence that what I said is true, HTD.


The posts are especially derogatory
in the first 24 hours after a game.

I don't even come on ticats.ca then.

I get less P.O'd at the ranters
if I read their posts later on.


Thanks for your kind words about me, smogmonster,

and for expressing your feeling about
the 'unhealthiness' of personal attacks.

All the best!


I'm with you, Ron.

I find that after a losing game, I stay away from here for 2 or even 3 days.
The level of conversation dips to a new low every time.
Ordinary comment ceases, and vituperative insults take over.

It's not much wonder that many of the former sensible posters have defected.

I just love to create controversy. My comments about the Cats are my opinion. Sometimes i have good things to say, other times I call it like I see it. We have still only beat one team in the CFL this year. Until we start winning more games then we lose I think we have to deal with the reality that the team, players, coaches are just not as good as some think.

Nobody in this thread said it is unacceptable
to 'call things as you see them, Defence Rules'

This forum would be completely phony and artificial
if only favourable opinions could be expressed.

What we are against is people lashing out at
other posters when they say positive things

or express optimism about the Ticats.

because that harms and even destroys the desire
those posters have to even state their opinions.

My 2 cents. Over the years Ron has demonstrated a remarkable talent for the written word, and a great (sometimes sublte) sense of humour. There’s also been a heavy dose of realism, tempered with a passionate belief that things must and can get better in TiCat land. We all respond differently to an extended period of loosing (some more gracefully than others). Over the years I’ve certainly been guilty of post game rants. I don’t bother anymore. They don’t change anything. But…I’ll stand for those that want to rant. The teams performance is more than many of us can handle. Should we applaud personal attacks? Ofcourse not, but when teams loose as consistently as the CATS have, there will always be folks that see the “enemy” differently. Angry words between optimists and pessimists (in their minds realists) are not going to stop. The only solution is on the field. It’s simple. Win more games. And as an aside, how about all the threads we see after a rare win, jumping all over folks that had critisized earlier performances. IMHO the personal attacks go both ways. Lastly, its only a game, and it doesn’t make much sense to allow our outlook on life or the team to be influenced by the musings of annoymous posters on a team chat site. Cheers

Thanks for the kind words, novascotiakid.

I remember getting in the way of
1 or 2 of your of post game rants. :lol:

Our team's performance gets people excited,
but, as you say, they don't change anything

and if some posters see things differently
it does not make them the "enemy".

Their emotions shouldn't spill over into personal attacks.


If 'Angry words between optimists and pessimists
(in their minds realists) are not going to stop,'

in the name of tidying up this forum

anyone here who can't control themselves,
'trash talk' me by 'private message' pm.

Warning to all posters!!!!!!

I tried a pm to Ron couple of months ago. I went into my reasons for why I disagreed with Ron over the coaching of this team and ended by laughing it off our differences and talking about my Hamilton connections and why I still support this team.
My answer from Ron was a diatribe questioning my sanity and saying no-one should question this team.
I told him never to contact me again.
A couple of weeks ago I posted that I was no longer taking part in any more debates over coaching until after Labour Day.
So what happens last week? I get slagged by Ron in a thread I was not even on. Then he starts this "thread" and calls me "the enemy"...supposedly because I disagree with him. There has been no provocation from me for quite a while, other than my responses to his attacks on me.

I suggested to him before to give it a rest but he still continues. Yes....this forum needs to be cleaned up. But in my opinion Ron is the biggest offender of all. I did my part and quit debating but he seems obsessed with continuing his attacks and looking for vindication.
This thread is nothing more than a direct attack on me no matter how vague and confusing the original post was.
So good luck sending him an e mail.
As for me....I am gone again from this list.
I apologize to all other posters for having to reply to this subject again. But its time for "the enemy" to respond...again.

Oski wee wee.

Crying wolf.
62., you cast yourself in the role as a complainer and seemed comfortable with it.

If you can't stand the heat.....

I have no fight with you. But I thought you, of all people, would want to get back to threads that dealt with Tiger-Cat football and not some poster who is miffed over a disagreement from several weeks ago.
As for "if you can't stand the heat". I love the heat. That's why I decided it was time to post again...albeit reluctantly. I was going to let it go. However the posts continue and there are two sides to every story.
All of this is such a waste of time. :frowning:
Adios for now.