We Have Entered The Sports Dead Zone In Canada

With the NHL done, if you look across this country of ours, there is nothing of interest to follow as far as sports goes.
The one to three million a night who were watching the NHL playoffs, like myself, now have absoulutely nothing to follow until the CFL season kicks off.
CFL should try to step in to fill those void by televising their exhibition games.
Which would still get bigger numbers then what baseball or the NBA finals are getting.
Because right now, as far as sports goes, there is absolutley nothing of interest going on.
And to those who wish ill on the CFL? This is what you will have once the NHL season ends. Nothing outside of the Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto FC to follow. Ain’t that a scary thought eh?

Start up a baseball league then! But with less expectations and better management then the last attempted CBL.

i know i have said this before in other posts, but watching espn classic canada helps me a little. old games and cfl traditions. but your right. cfl should be doing stuff now.

There is training camp and preseason starts up pretty quick. Maybe move it a week or two but that should be it.
Also, depending on the NHL, can't the playoffs go even longer if more series go 7 games?

There really wasn't a "dead zone" when the Jays were the "it" team in the mid to late 80's and early 90's--but that waned after their world series wins, and baseball's cancellation of the World Series, interest in baseball took a huge nosedive. The other scandals surrounding MLB has done even more damage. Other than starting a new league, or moving up the CFL start time, there is no real way to bridge the gap.. other than going to watch exhibition CFL games which start next Wednesday. None of those games are televised, so unless you are a diehard baseball fan, you just have to be patient.

Start up a baseball league? You've got to be kidding. The last one lasted what, 6 months?
Sports like baseball, basketball, and soccer do not have any national appeal.

Turned on TSN sportsdesk, and they spent the first ten minutes showing baseball highlights.
And I'm sittin' there and I'm thinkin', "who cares about the Oakland-LA baseball highlights, and why do they
feel they have to show them?
Then the CFL story was way at the end of the program. Figure that one out?

Like why not show the CFL stories first? I think a few more people would care then they would
about who cares baseball highlights. Which all look the same after awhile.

It would also help hype the upcoming CFL season on TSN.
Yet they seem to only give the CFL token coverage until the season starts.

Talk about dropping the ball in pumping up fans for the upcoming season.
Like why not have the CFL panel discuss upcoming issues, etc etc.
Maybe some funny stories. Something outside of a 30 second training camp clip in the last few minutes of the show!

Face facts here. Our only two major sports are the NHL in winter and spring, and the CFL in summer and fall.
Yet hockey is over, and their hardly any CFL news from our national sports networks.
Even though the fans want CFL news? Thats what I don't get.

Its the dead zone, yet the media up here does little to make it interesting.
Except for giving us the same old same old baseball, baseball, baseball.
Wish these guys would like east west instead of south all the time.

When I said starting up a new league, it wasn't just limited to baseball, could be any sport. Anyway, like I said there was no dead zone when the Jays were the "it" team, you could get your sports fix by watching the most popular team in Canada at the time. The NHL season ended Jun 12 and the CFL exhibition start up on Jun 17, just five days later.. not much a dead zone if you ask me.

More whining of CFL news? What could they possibly report on that would of interest right now to a national audience? Give me one story that would be of interest to fans in other cities...I'll wait to see if you can come up with one...

What other league are you gonna start that anybody cares about outside of hockey?
The answer? Nothing.
As far as covering the cFL goes.
You can have a panel discussing the upcoming season.
You can players and coaches in studio talking about the upcoming season.
You can interview the commissioner and owners on league issues.
You can have polls for the fans to vote on.
Anything beats the same old same old effin baseball and basketball hightlights
nobody gives a rats ass about outside of a few people in Hogtown. .
I don't work in tV, but you'd figger there'd be somebody with brains to think up
some ideas, don't ya think.
Especially when you have a large fan base out there wanting news.
But the current bunch running our media are as stale as monht old bread.
All they do is look south all the time, and think it applies here.
But TV ratings say it don't.
Like I say. Show CFL exhibition games on Tv as a start. That would help fill the void.
But these TV people have to earn their money and use some bloody imagination.
Maybe the CFL should help give TSN some ideas as well.
The CFL has Canada all to itself now, but its still playing second banana to bloody baseball highlihts!
Its ridiculous.

And the Jays the most popular team in Canada in the early 90's?
Do you know that a Blue Jays regular season game has never drawn a million viewers on TV?
The Leafs and Habs do that with regualarity every year.
And the Habs won the cup in '93.
They were the true Canada's team.
And nobody can tell me anybody was bigger in Tranna in the 90's then Dougie Gilmour and Wendel Clark.
And Leafs Habs in 93 would have been the biggest even in the history of this country.
But the Blue Jays the "it" team in Canada?
You gotta be kidding pal.
Better get your crying towel ready for when Rogers unloads them to some American city.

Baseball is ok for a while, definitely better in HD that I just got than regular, that's for sure. But can't wait for the CFL season to start, no question. I'm so hockeyed out, I couldn't even watch the wrap on TSN, Sportsnet this morning, I've just had enough of it for one year.

go out an enjoy the weather.

hockey isn't the be all and end all of sports. but don't worry in another 2 months the discussion will be heating up about training camp. Hockey gets way too much coverage in Canada and it's one reason that I don't care for the sport.

The Blue Jays play almost every day.

TFC plays 2x per week.

The CFL is on 2 or 3 days per week.

The NBA finals are almost done.

It seems to me like we haven't hit a dead zone. I think the dead zone is when the Stanley Cup is being presented in June and no one really cares.

The reason hockey gets covered day in and day out is because its a sport that gets 1 million plus viewers almost every night for two straight months during the playoffs.
And while you may enjoy Toronto blue jay and Toronto FC and the NBA playoffs, for the huge majority of Canadian sports fans there is absolutlely nothing for us at this time of year.
Which is why it is truly a dead zone when it comes to sports.

Someone else pointed it out to you Chicken Little, but only diehards really care what is happening in the CFL until Labour Day rolls around. Most others will be out enjoying the summer weather. We can discuss league issues at any time during the season, and as far as discussing the upcoming season, there will be a show dedicated to that by TSN on the eve of first game that counts in July. Usually that will include a interview with Mr. Cohon. I'm not a big fan of polls because they are usually skewed towards one team... the poll on this site asking who will win the East is an indication of that.... the Jays may have never pulled in a million(I would ask you provide proof of that first), but for a sport that isn't our national sport, unlike hockey, I would guess that the Blue Jays pulled in some decent numbers especially in their world series runs. I really could not care less if Toronto loses the Jays, but your are true to form on that doom and gloom, the sky is falling! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well gee Simba.
If only the diehards care about the CFL until Labour Day, why then are TV numbers for the CFL so good before Labour day.
And I knew you wouldn't know that fact about the Blue Jays, becuase you aren't up to current events like I am.
And if you don't care about the CFL until Labour Day, why are you here.

Who said I dont care? I wasn't referring to myself, but I guess you aren't smart enough to see that...

Everybody needs a break from even things they like. (like sports). Don't think of it as a deadzone, think of it as an opportunity to finish up some projects around the house before CFL season starts. :smiley: :thup:

i've been in the sporting dead-zone since the grey cup in November.


Also, thank the baby Jesus that the ridiculously long hockey season is again over.


What about the USL in Vancouver & Montreal ?

What about the MLL in Toronto ?

What about Can-Am baseball in Quebec City ?

And I'm sure there is plenty of others examples like that across the country !!

Sure they don't get main media coverage like Hockey does, for news the internet is a precious tool and these sports keep me "mentally sane" until CFL season starts !