'We have a two-headed monster': Morrow, Hickson lead Riders to victory

REGINA — The dynamic running back duo of Jamal Morrow and rookie Frankie Hickson led the Saskatchewan Roughriders past Ottawa on Friday night as the team remained perfect at home to start the season.

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Another Western victory. I'm starting to feel like a bully picking on the weakest kid in the schoolyard. Come on East, put up a fight. As for Marino, I get the feeling football is the only reason this thug isn't in jail. Throw the book at him.

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Yeah. Going into the season it was supposed to be very competitive all around - people talking about the East maybe being stronger & getting a crossover. This maybe ranks as the worst start ever - 1-12 vs West & counting.

As for Marino, if the league doesn't act, Riders should sit him down. Celebrating afterwards was ridiculous. Dickenson has a chance, after all the disciplinary problems since he became head coach, to send a message. Craig seems like a decent guy. Time to show you take these issues seriously. As for the Rider fans who cheered after the hit, give your heads a shake. No place in the game for this.

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Yes! The CFL must suspend this guy for at least 5 games and fine him HUGE.
This was a deliberate intent to harm.
Then he goes and celebrates! Not acceptable in professional game.

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Every jerk that intentionally maims another player should be suspended until the injured party is back on the playing field. Marino celebrating after is disgusting and extra punishment needs to be applied on him. Yes it might hurt the team he plays on but so does it hurt the team the injured party plays for. The league and player association need to stop this crap and stop it now.
To Any Fan who dismisses this type of activity, think if your team is the victim of the crap you just witnessed from Marino. True fans of any team do not want players hurt especially like what Marino did.

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I've been a Riders fan for almost 60 yrs. I started paying attention with Reed & Lancaster in the mid '60s.
Marino should be cut. We don't need or want someone who takes pride in hurting another playing. An accident is one thing, intentional harm is unacceptable.


And this article has what do to with Marino?