We have a shot at the grey cup.

Sure it was a slow start, but BC is starting to play good, against Eskimos, they were killing them, but at the end BC was kind of blowing it away, but they have a lot o practices before the play offs so they can work on covering better. BC is starting to peak, and its the perfect time to. Look, Montreal is doing good, all the way to the end they were, but I can see when they play they are getting warn out, watch them get kicked out first game of the play offs. I see BC having a good chance, if Paris can play, that will be awesome, geroy can play, he will do an amazing job, they will play there hearts out.

Anybody who says we don't have a chance is a fool. We beat Montreal, the team with the best record. We can beat any team on any day as long as we play to our potential. That is the only glitch, the Lions don't always play as well as they can.
If they do, the Cup is ours!

it's kind of fun when every matchup is tough to call. who'd a thunk Hamilton would take us to the cleaners back to back and then we just missed getting ridden out by Toronto. now there's a wierd team - dump that rookie quarterback for the lords sake - I can't even stand to watch him he's so bad and they keep giving him the ball week after disastrous week. Its hard to tell what that team is trying to do but it is so painful to watch yet they gave us all we could handle. C'est la vie.

Just a minute here. We have not beat Calgary in the last 5 games. They are still the team to beat as far as I am concerned. They are not playing that well as of late, but just good enough to eek out victories. I am looking forward to the Lions/Stamps last meeting of the season, and I hope we better them at home. Wouldn't that be something if it was a shown for first place? If we can beat Calgary, then perhaps we have a shot at the cup. That would be sweet, on their home turf! :cowboy:



Sure we do. A 1 in 8 chance according to my complex calculations. Well 1 in 7, Toronto really is bad…

Now the reality is that I wouldn’t put my mortgage money on us, not with Montreal and Calgary, a team we can’t seem to beat, both playing well, but if you were to ask me to pick a team in this league to be the team to get hot and knock both those sad excuses for football teams out, then i would honestly say it was us.

Thou I am biased. :rockin:

GO BC!!!!