We Have a New Tiger-Cats Fan!

On September 13, 2012 the Hamilton Tiger-Cats acquired a new fan (he just doesn't know it yet) while I acquired a new family member in the form of my new baby boy.

Owen Robert Wallace.

If anyone plays Pro-Line I suggest betting on the Tiger-Cats for tomorrow's game. Baby Owen is going to bring some luck!

Congatulations!!! By the time he's old enough to come to the games he'll get to sit in a nice new stadium and hopefully get to cheer on a winning team. :wink:

Congratulations, Rusty! I'll bet you can't wait until he's old enough to take to the games.

Congratulations!!! on a the birth of a future Tiger- Cat Linebacker :thup:

Congratulations Rusty and your Mrs. Welcome to the world, Owen!!!

:rockin: :cowboy:


Congrats, Rusty.

Thanks guys!

Now lets hope that Owen is the only one sh*tting the bed this afternoon!

He's 2 days old and already thinks that the 'Cats need to get their stuff together! :smiley:

Congrats Rusty!

Wow. This was very prophetic. You’ve had a very nice week indeed. :thup:

Only 2 days old and already he's 1 and 0-wen.
You're on a roll Rusty.

hahahaha @ 1 - 0-wen… nicely played!

Congratulations to the Rusty family. :thup:

This thread is worthless without pictures.

That does it Rusty - you have to have a new baby 2 days before every game... lol

Congrats buddy!

Congrats !

I tried loading one up to photobucket to link on here but it keeps giving me errors.

Here we go.

My newest teammate!

Beauty! :thup:

Just beautiful!

PERFECT :thup: :thup: