We have a new kicker!

Congratulations Mark!!!!


Yes, that sure was a great way to start his career and hopefully we'll see more like that from him in the future. He won us a game and it looks like he secured himself a job there.

Welcome aboard, Mark Myers!

He played Well Under Pressure..

yeh he did well but lets not forget it was only 2 kicks.. big ones mind u but still think abuot it..

neways! welcome along mark!

His kick-offs were outstanding.

All 3 (if I remember)...went inside the Calgary 5...making them 70 yards plus.

Notice I have not mentioned Boreham whatesoever...if Myers continues his progression through practices this week and does well against the Als next week, then bigger roster questions can start being asked.

Oski Wee Wee,

More like inside the 15, Hendy. Watching the game on TV, one kick made Rambo (?) muff it on the 6 or 7-yardline. All and all, he showed the biggest kickoff leg we've had in town for one game (not significantly wind-aided) since Ruoff.

Oski Wee Wee,

I think I'll change my username to "myersboy" ... I mean "myersman" ... uh, nevermind....

And kickoffs are considered Boreham's strength. Right now Boreham is the leader in kickoff yardage, and so one concern about Myers that I had was about how well he could do on kickoffs. But if he keeps that up, then Myers may well have himself a job here for years to come.

And in addition to helping secure himself a job and win us the game with that kick, Myers gave himself a slightly late 24th birthday present.


my favourite part was the 70 YARD KICKOFF!!!

sorry tina, you know i'm a fan of his too... but lets see Boreham do that!

More like inside the 15, Hendy. Watching the game on TV, one kick made Rambo (?) muff it on the 6 or 7-yardline.
No. I mean inside the 5. Yes...you are correct the Rambo did drop one on the 6, but it was chest high and...

But, his two others did in fact make it to inside the 5, My point is, this kid had good leg strength.

Of further note, I notice that he didn't seem to have any trouble with Fleming as the holder. Hmmmmm.

remeber he is an import so if he stays say see you later to a canadian player. The cats pride themselves in having great and an abudance of canadian players

actually it'd be see you later to another american player... as they'd be using an import at kicker...

we can afford to make this move because of our great canadian depth.

Still feel bad for boreham, irrefutably a player who embodied the ticat spirit, pride and determination.

Here's to a player who's given his all for this team.

For the record:

Myers was 3 kickoffs for 196 yards ( a 65.3 yard average) -- his longest being 70 -- so the average kick actually would be fielded on the 15-yard line.

Sandro DeAngelis was 5 kickoffs for 297 yards (a 59.4 yard average)by comparison.


We were almost 6 yards better per kickoff against arguably the best kickoff man in the league...Ruoffian almost. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Congratulations Mark. Speaking for all ticat fans, Welcome to Hamilton!


Boreham can do it, and he has done it before.

so is boreham officially out ?

Going by the wishful thinking in this thread, SCEVans.

one might come to the conclusion that Jamie has lost his job

BUT..in actuality, Jamie Boreham is injured.

He did not kick at practice
last week after the first day.

boreham is as well known for his phantom injuries as he is for his complaints about holders…myers (new kicker) and flemming…problems…methinks not!! boreham isn’t injured, he just sees the writing on the wall!!