we have a lot of talent at running back so i was thinking...

I am just thinking of the possibilities here..just a though...but i mean we all know that we have good running backs in Jesse Lumsden, Terry Caulley and Anthony Davis and we have 3 fullbacks in Kori Dickerson, Julian Radlein and Jeff Piercy..

I have watched this whole season adn i would like to move some players here around.

What if we used Terry Caulley as our running back mainly with Anthony Davis and Jesse Lumsden as a blocker and a fullback. Kori Dickerson played a lot like that this year. Dickerson was used as a slotback in the past on otehr teams also and i wouldnt mind seeing him as a slotback here and there. Hes big and he can catch quite well.

Just think of the possibilities..We never used Corey Holmes like that when he was here but i mean i think it would really confuse defences having Terry Caulley and Jesse Lumsden in the backfield at the same time. They both have different playing styles and defences wouldnt really know who to target.

I dont know..i think its a problem but a good problem that we have.


It is a good problem to have. Unfortunately our coaches don't think outside the box enough to think of ways of putting two running backs on the field at the same time.

yeah i think coaching is one of our big problems on both the offence and our defence. If they actually looked outside of the box like you were saying, you would think they would consider this. There is no reason why Terry Caulley and Jesse Lumsden should be off the bench at any time. When one of them is playing the other should be playing also. There the strength on this team and they need to be utilized.

I can say with great certainty that I feel Dickerson is the best backfield blocker in the CFL. He is big enough that they often use him right on the line of scrimmage for pass blocking downs.

If you look back to the 80's there were some O-line players that were only 240-250. Dickerson is 240.

He should always be the blocking back.

I'm still wondering what Lumsden would be like at slotback.