We have a Big Full Back Start Him!!

We have a Big Young Canadian Full Back in Darcy Brown on the active roster listed at 6'4" and 251 pounds, the guy is a bruiser at size, why not give him shot, pull Williams, let Brown take his spot against Calgary along side Porter and when in side the Red Zone and Cobb is struggling to put the ball in the end zone, hand it off the Brown and let the Big Guy pound it in the End Zone.

We have to start utilizing other players on this team, we have tried most starters if something doesn't work like problems scoring while in the red zone let's fix it and try something new, I think Darcy Brown could add an extra spark to this team, another get pick up out of St. Mary's and a Canadian kid, get em in there!!!

I agree. We don't use the fullback enough as a ball carrier, all we do is use him for blocking. Rob Pavlovic at 6'4" and 255lbs would be a bruiser running the ball. I remember Larry Csonka of the Dolphins of the late '60's was about the same size and ran roughshod through the defenses. Let's use some imagination and start using these young fullbacks to carry the mail.

just because he's 250 doesnt mean he'll produce and definately does not mean he is the next Csonka.

But we'll never no if he doesn't get to play.

Last time we saw him play was against the peg in game 1 of the pre-season and he was a MAJOR butterfingers. Might’ve become better since then though.

Don"t recall Brown getting (or even being offered) the ball in that game.

Could be faulty memory lol, but i'm REALLY sure we tried him there and he didn't do well at all. Correct me if I am wrong, i'll accept making a mistake to get the correct info.

Drexl what have we got to lose lets give him a shot.
He's not much good to us where he is.

Nope, Brown didn't line up at FB or see the ball in Winnipeg.

But he saw lots of ST on Friday nite including a tackle..

Thanks, i'm glad someone corrected me. And from what Obie and MB said at the beginning of the year, the draftee that would get the most playing time would probably just be Brown on ST. They didn't plan on starting him this year.

He didn't play fullback in college, he played tight end (I think). I suspect they're trying to teach him a thing or two about the position before they put him in.


He played WR in college and they (Obie and MB) said he has the perfect size and hands to be a great fullback in the CFL, despite the fact he's never played the position before.

Brown played Tight End and Receiver at Saint Mary's.

We haven't had a true fullback since Big Julian Radlein. John Williams is really a tailback and Pavlovic and Brown are tightends. Williams is the veteran with more speed than the other two,so he lines up in the backfield while the big boys get down with the Hoggies. All three play on the special teams. I can't imagine seeing Brown or Pavlovic running the ball out of the backfield. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

And had what? 10 catches all season?

Not quite, but close.
8 for 75 yards and 1 TD
Pretty much what you would expect in 1 game from a 1st round pick.

Saint Mary's had a revolving door of rookie QBs that year making them almost primarily a run team.