We had the wind

Wow, stats don't look good considering we had strong win, but is that a surprise, on a 2nd and 2 instead of running (what is that) Collaros throws high and behind Tymes. Enuf said. This is not a slump this is the team. This will be 11 losses of the last 12.

did a lineman just catch the 2 point convert

pick 6 off to NetFlex

Castillo pass was just as bad as Zac missing Tasker on the play before, Castillo the kicker right

Will still go to THF for the "game day" experience but really passes that are thrown 5 yards when we need 7? Offensive offsides-how many. Zach just not having a good year. We're DONE. There is something going on we are not privy to bc we don't even compete.

No depth, all teams have injuries and have players that can step up. Every games the commentators comment on other teams because they find player to step in, Austin has too much power on player personal, the league is littered with ex Cats and playing well. Two puppet coridintors.. Starting 2 new offensive lineman to start the season?? Cutting Dyakoski , then Argos pick and trade for a pick, no running , Austin goes to the media and states Cable is back because he can block basically saying he not going to run,

When Austin first started, he had a good couple of years but defenses no exactly what to suspect now

Most penalties in the league 2 years running, couple of years in a row of slow starts.

Collaros since injured refuse to run past the line which was succes of his game., Had a great first half of a years ago but don't forget that half season is when Banks was on fire and our defense was scoring, not all Zac

No DBs 2/3 running

Letting all start kick to go which caused a couple losses last year

u want me to keep going