We had a nice thing

going last year, midseason. Coach Berry, Nieswander, and Duron Carter. Then 3 things happened along the way. 2 being that Berry and Nieswander were cut.

I don't know that it was nice. It was certainly better than the trainwreck this year, but Berry made some pretty idiotic moves while in charge (remember the own-zone flea flicker that arguably cost us a game last year?) and Neiswander had no future in this league. In hindsight, though, I'd have welcomed Berry back as OC and Miller back as QB coach. Neither man was perfect, but boy, our Qbs looked a helluva lot better working for Berry/Miller last year than they do this year in the Dinwiddie / Worman remnant / Schonert / Higgins gong show...

I remember last season going on about Berry and he being the OC.
You’re right. Compared to this season so far, he looks like a mastermind. :wink:

I was tough on Berry last season, mainly because he made some idiotic moves that a veteran coach shouldn’t make, but he walked into a very difficult situation midseason and actually helped to turn the offence around. In the offseason, I supported going with someone else only because I assumed that we would quickly hire a coach who could fill out his own staff. When we waited until February to hire Higgins, who then waited to hire Rick F. Worman, I was much less certain that we’d be better off without Berry. Now? Boy. Doug must be on a couch somewhere laughing…

Reading your posts during last years turmoil leads me to believe you, disciplineandpunish are responsible for the loss of Hawkins, Berry, Miller (i’m with you on this one), Kuale, and everybody let go this offseason. I think they listen to you or are you an alias of Jim Popp?

:lol: :lol: thanks, friend. That genuinely made me laugh out loud.