We had 40 cm of snow today.....so how come....

There is a home reno show at the Big Oh!

They say they can’t have the grey cup there because of the risk of heavy snow…yet its not a problem today

This exhibit is on the field under the roof

Very good question !?!

Is it on the field?

What they showed on the news was on the field

Definitely doesn’t make sense that an event was held there yesterday with all the snow accumulation.

What we heard in the past was that if there was such an issue, other events could be postponed, but the Grey Cup obviously couldn’t.

There is also an Impact game Feb. 26.

When is the new proper Retractable roof going to put in at the Big O. Finally Thank You Fifa Word Cup to finally get the city to put in the planned proper roof from decades ago.

And a couple blue jays games…but to be fair…the Impact game can be postponed and the Blue jays can be cancelled

I am wondering why there doesn’t seem to be much new news on the roof and am going through some old articles to provide some background.

Olympic Stadium roof replacement delayed until 2024
Officials looking into possibility of installing retractable roof — this time, one that lasts
CBC News Feb 06 2019

Keeping Roger Taillibert’s design intact

The possibility of making the third roof retractable once again is under study, Landry said.

Exposing the field to sunlight would allow real grass to grow there under optimal conditions.

“Our specialists are seriously looking into this solution to see if it is technically feasible, and at what cost we can do it,” said Landry. Staying on budget is critical, however, he said.

Gerkan, Marg and Partners (GMP), a German company that specializes in constructing stadiums, has been working with RIO officials to figure out the best solution. GMP is behind several major stadium projects around the world, including BC Place in Vancouver.

The aim is have a plan ready to be able to put out a call for tenders in 2020.

Whatever the final plan, it cannot detract from French architect Roger Taillibert’s original design, the minister responsible for the RIO, Caroline Proulx, told Radio-Canada.

Changing it would be ‘‘as if you went to touch up the Eiffel Tower, but then took part of it away,’’ Proulx said.

‘‘We have to keep Mr. Taillebert’s design, absolutely. It’s his signature.’’

Proulx said the goal is also to make sure the stadium can be used year-round. Right now, it must be closed for security reasons anytime more than three centimetres of snow accumulates on the roof.

Being able to keep it open all the time would be a ‘‘game changer,’’ said the borough mayor of Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Pierre Lessard-Blais.

Montreal’s Olympic Stadium accepting pitches for roof designs
Alessia Simona Maratta Global News October 15, 2019

The Olympic Stadium’s renovation board announced Tuesday it was opening the floor for companies to pitch designs for the stadium’s much-discussed roof, with one condition — that the roof let in natural light.

The board is however not requiring that the roof open, like the stadium’s late architect, Roger Taillibert, had envisioned.

In the qualifying call, the Régie des installations olympiques (RIO) said it was open to having a roof that partially opens to host open-air events, but said they need to be presented with a reasonable cost and the technical feasibility of a retractable roof.

The board’s call invited interested firms to submit applications that include roof design, construction and maintenance plans. No information on the project’s budget was announced.

The board presented other project requirements, including respecting the stadium’s design aesthetic. This means that no steel structures to uphold the roof will be allowed, as the roof’s design has to respect Taillibert’s original vision.

Taillibert, the French architect who designed the stadium to host the 1976 Montreal Olympics, passed away on Oct. 3 at the age of 93. His vision for the structure included a massive concrete dome with a retractable roof, held up by cables suspended from the world’s largest inclined tower, at 165 metres high.

The board is however aiming for a flatter roof to minimize wind exposure.

[b]The RIO is requiring the roof’s design include translucent sections in order to let in natural light.

Interested firms have until Jan. 29, 2020, to present their pitches, and the final candidates will be announced in March. The board is set to present the plan to the Quebec government in the summer of 2020 and the project will be presented to the public in 2021.[/b]

Olympic Stadium’s new roof won’t be retractable but there could be natural light

The Canadian Press montreal.ctvnews.ca October 15 2019

A new Olympic Stadium roof won’t be retractable but will possibly allow in natural light, according to a call for tenders released by the Olympic Installation Board on Tuesday.

According to the call, the stadium’s new roof will be partially dismantled to allow open-air events to be held. The call did say this feature would be an “option? and that “the technical feasibility at a reasonable cost must be clearly demonstrated for the board to decide to follow this path.?

The call invited interested firms to submit applications which include plans for the design, construction and maintenance of a new roof for the aging Big O. No information to the roof’s possible price tag was included.

While the exact parameters for the project have yet to be defined, some are already known. The board said they intend to respect the aesthetics and spatial concept of the stadium, saying the Big O’s architecture is internationally recognized.

“Compatibility with the original concept of the Olympic Stadium and the preservation of its overall appearance must take precedence in all design decisions,? they said.

As a result, plans cannot propose adding steel structures to retain the new roof, which must hang suspended from the tower as per the original concept. However, the board is aiming for a flatter, smoother roof in order to minimize wind exposure.

To allow natural light to enter the board requires the new roof to include translucent sections. In a sketch a translucent band around the perimeter of the roof surrounded an opaque coating in the centre.

Does anyone have any idea of an example of this in a present day stadium that is not “retractable”

Might it simply mean a partially retractable roof, meaning some sections can retract but not the whole thing?

Style over function is a serious, and likely expensive, error … 6-8 exterior posts to support a “hard shell” roof fit fairly close over the current roof/opening and retractable just seems so obvious to me.

I don’t see that as too much of a concern. They are under the gun to get this right and if they are consulting with the German firm that also was involved with the BC Place roof construction, I think they are in good hands.

“The design of such a roof is no more impossible than a man could have a baby”.

– Jean Drapeau’s ghost

I had a minimum wage summer job at the Olympic stadium. Food concessions. But I did
get to see Wilt Chamberlain in the concourse, as well as Jacques Plante – he was driving
a forklift laden with boxes of food, in the bowels under the stadium. I also managed to
forge a number onto my ID badge which allowed me to obtain an usher’s uniform in time
for opening day. A long story, but a few years ago unearthed the uniform, and sold it to
an artefact collector.

The restrictions means no BC Place like design … I totally agree the OIB is under the gun, but the restrictions certainly don’t seem to recognize it … my only hope is that their fingers are crossed hoping the bidders all say “can’t be done like that” and give the OIB an out from the “original vision” … but my fear is that a few will come up with “solutions” that eventually will cost a lot more and ultimately not perform as desired.

I’m not in any way comparing this to the BC Place job but am saying there was a renovation to do there and it was done AFAIK so far, very successfully. I don’t know why anyone would say “can’t be done like that” when we have no idea of what bidders might propose. Again, no comparison, but SkyDome was innovative for its time and to this day has been successful. No reason, to think that we haven’t had some new thinking and technologies in the last 20 plus years since the fixed roof went up.

I can see a new translucent roof will be the new design where natural light will be able to give the stadium a open air feeling .

ETFE glass seems to be able to hold up to all weather conditions .

The new stadiums being built or have been built recently are using this technology .

Not sure how the engineering will be able to work without some changes to the original design .

It seems a little unfair to the provinces tax payers to care more about a architect ’ s legacy over reasonable costs to get this project completed properly on time and within budget . This International recognized stuff is way over blown . I don’t think big O when I think Montreal . Nor do I know anyone not going there for something ; actually visit the place to look at it . Its not the Eiffel Tower .

The Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin, New Zealand is the poster child for ETFE

I don’t think anyone can deny, that love it or hate it, the Big O is an iconic symbol of the Montreal skyline and a tourist destination (not just for events)

Not saying it can’t be done … BC Place took a very simple approach … bunch of towers cantilevered away from the stadium from which the roof hangs … I can imagination a plethora of variations that could work at the Big Owe, and look good (e.g., arches over the stadium) … but the limitation imposed by the OIB means the roof will have to be supported by the existing structure and the tower … that hasn’t worked well so far … especially if they want it to be in any way retractable … I am completely confident that more than one bid will find a way to meet the no steel structures to uphold the roof are allowed requirement … just expect it will add cost and limit functionality … maybe concrete coated steel towers would be allowed (LOL)