We gotta stop doing this

I know it's exciting and great for the Riders to come back like that at the end of the game but we have to start performing in the 3rd quarter and putting these games out of reach before the final seconds. It's a mystery to me how we look like we're toast - can't move the ball - and then the opposition gets ahead with minutes to play and we have the best offense in the world. Great job Riders but I don't know if my heart can hold out for the full season.

Has that ever happened in the CFL before that the same team went to overtime 2 weeks in a row?

It seems like we play well in the 1st half of games and if we take a lead into the 2nd half Lapolice calls a very conservative game like he thinks our defense can hold the lead while the offense does nothing. This has lead to us losing the lead or very nearly losing the lead in pretty much every game except the blowout in Winnipeg.

Off the top of my head we've played this song before in the 1st Eskimo home game, blowing a 20 point lead, nearly blew a similar lead against the Ticats, also against the Argo's, this past game. I am sure I am missing more but those are only the home games.

We need to fix a lot of things..74 points allowed in the last 2 weeks is not going to cut it. However I thought we did a better job with our run D. Our pass D..yikes. Printers played good but we made it pretty easy for him at times. Also our tackling has to improve or we'll be one and done this year.

Lapolice has to do a better job putting guys in the best position to make plays and he is not doing that. Yes, we need a lot more consistency on O but Paul needs to take a lot of responsibility. We can't run that damn shotgun draw 500 times a game. That should be a change of pace type of play, not the cornerstone of our running attack.

I would say our half time adjustments suck but I'm almost positive we don't make any..maybe Miller catches a quick cat nap or a team bonding rock paper scissors tournament happens. I don't know but what I do know is our opponent makes the proper adjustments and we dont seem to make our adjustments until the 4th quarter when it is almost too late.

What I'm afraid of is a win like we had yesterday will just mask the problems and not force the coaches to focus on certain areas that will be our downfall in the playoffs..very frustrating!

Losing Frazier at game time and Eddie Davis hurt us
however our pass rush needs to contain and if your responsible to contain quarterback DO It
I agree with our 3rd quarter melt downs we need to fix it very soon offensively
And for pete sakes why did we quit using Szarka in short yardage?

Football isnt that complicated
If it works keep doing it

I thought Patrick finally stepped up and made a play, even with the patchwork secondary. I noticed Tamon George was banged up as well on one of those special teams plays.

However, moving Kornegay to the secondary, and having McCullough and Rey Williams compete for tackles at LB isn't a bad thing.

Just makes you shake your head. After so many years struggling with short yardage, they finally go back to Szarka and we have no problems at all. Maybe that means we can dump Jyles, as that was his only real responsibility. Unfortunately, Szarka doesn't appear to have that many more years left.

Speaking of Eddie - does anyone know how bad he is injured?

the coaches did something at the start of the 2nd half… and it hurt us big time.

it was like they decided to put the 2nd qtr playbook away and change motives.

it hurt us big time!

like how can you go from the 2nd qtr scoring 16 pts, to totally shutting down?

LP says Davis should be ready for Saturday vs. the Tabbies.

That is good news we would be hard pressed to replace his experience in the secondary.

Easy fix, stop giving it to Cates when you have a bit of a lead to "pound" his way through the middle. What ever happened to those nice little short passes to him?

On the CTV local news tonight they said Davies would be out for Hamilton and maybe Calgary.