We got Lucky

Tonight Edmonton Took us Lightly & it cost them 2 Points they Need..

I tip my Hat to them
In The 2nd Half they Shut Down Maas Down
Ray was Moving the Ball
But it was Our Night..Finally

Next Week Will be Different Story I am Afraid :oops:

Edmonton should Rebound..
If not your Coach is Toast
He will be seeing Jason Maas alot next Season.. As Hamilton QB Coach..

A loss is a loss, Edmonton has always said that good teams find a way to win with luck or not and Edmonton came up with 0 points yet again. Something’s gotta give, this is the longest I’ve seen the Esks lose with no major changes being made…

Esks deserved to lose last night with the bonehead performance they displayed on offence, case closed. The most frustrating thing is that it seems they can turn it on when they want to, as shown by the crisp passing on the last drive before Ricky turned the ball over by handling it like an expired loaf of bread he was taking out to the garbage bin. Should they have displayed that kind of desperation in their game in quarter 1, they could have won handily. At least one team was trying last night, good on the Cats.