We got it Rod!

We all know Whitlock had a "rough" first game....hey, it was a year ago Rod and Duane. At least I didn't hear "contested pass" on Thursday night. :roll:

I'm kind of surprised these two are calling the game. Could Cuthbert and Suitor not get to Edmonton in time? :lol:

When I saw no Dunigan on the pre=game panel, I assumed it meant that we were going to get Gord Miller with Dunigan calling the game. . . no such luck.

Whitlock had a bad first game in the CFL, did he? Gee, next thing you know Rod will tell us all about Jarret Payton's dad. . .

Yeah, all the talk about last season is getting a bit annoying. We all know what happened. We don't need a recap after every play.

...think I missed it the first 58 times, but does McCallum have some kind of streak going or something? Maybe Black can enlighten me...


As soon as Rod Black said McCallum was in a groove, I thought of this comment and laughed. :lol:

Did you guys all know, this is the first game in Edmonton since last season? Insightful stuff.

Well, look at the bright side, at least we didn't hear Jarrett Payton, son of the late Walter Payton... though I'm sure he was dying to get it in..

Rod wont be happy until he has successfully jinxed McCallum

Ricky Ray gets sacked again with 35 seconds left in the game. Rod Black..."All the talk about the OFFENSIVE line for the BC Lions before this game...quelled. Ricky Ray has just not had alot of time in the backfield."


Mrs Sportsmen kept saying..."Whats he trying to do...Jinx him?" :roll: :roll: :roll:

He keeps calling the red zone the “green zone” and it’s already bugging the crap out of me.

My bet would be that he's confusing it with the Riders, whose commentators call it the green zone instead of the red zone. See Mr. Black? That's what you get for trying to look "withit"...

I'm sick of this "Green Zone" crap. I get angrier every time I hear it. :x

Rumour has it, some Rider fans have started a petition to re-name Canada to the "Green Zone", coz, ya know, the Riders are "Canada's Team" and stuff.

armchair qb's.....and now armchair commentators.give him six or twelve games and he will have some more material. A couple years back I believe he made reference about how a certain type of play was like kissing your cousin during a game....oi!

Apparently you don't know Black's style very well. He uses his "new" material from game one, and continues with the "new" material all season long...

Are we talking about Rod Black the guy formally of Winnipeg former broadcaster for the Toronto Blue Jays?

i do know blacks style........wait till he gets fixated on something new and last seasons material will be forgotten.....after about six or twelve games .

His new favorite seems to be using "progression" instead of "progress". So, if you're a running back, the play is whistled dead when your "progression" has been stopped.

There was another one equally annoying, but it eludes me for the moment.