We Got Fleeced


Rocky Butler isnt a bad QB, but is he worth DJ Flick and Wayne Smith?

Who the hell is he going to throw to now?

We better have some Receivers on our Neg. list or we are so overwhelmingly screwed.

Absolute Highway Robbery.

Id love to hear someone blame Ron for this one.

what the heck! marcel says we have a lock with maas this year so we waist dj on butler?? dude this is rediculas, hes the only ticat to be productive with hte ball when u ask me, boo marcel n boo the ticats,


Could one of the mods fix my link, i cant access the edit button.

Good Luck to both Wayne and DJ.....

Deej, thanks for your participation in our past "meet and greets" and stuff like that.....it was a lot of fun having you hang with us...

See ya when your new team comes to Ivor Wynne....


All stars in the front office and coaching staff.

Gawd only knows what on the field.

Have fun trying to sell this trade, Marcel.

Did i mention that we just got robbed?

I love this beauty...

“Rocky will bring a lot to our team as we witnessed first hand what he’s capable of when we played against Saskatchewan last season,? said General Manager Marcel Desjardins"

Judging by that line, we have a LARGE talent pool to choose from, every player in the CFL looked good against Hamilton last year.

We could have got Wynn for nothing. This trade makes 0 sense.

I'm sure BC would have given us Pierce for all that and a bag of Potatoe chips.

If I actually said what I really wanted to say right now it wouldn't pass the filters. All I can say is that it's pure GENIUS to trade our best receiver and a CANADIAN O-lineman (and a draft pick to boot) for a backup QB. DJ did so much for this team and this city and he deserved a little more than what he got.

Flick, Vaughn, and Peterson were the top 3 receivers on this team last year. All are gone now one by choice, two by circumstance...All could very easily come back to haunt this team this year. At least two of those will for sure...

And you know what's going to happen now? We're going to end up starting Butler just like we did with Maas last season to save face. They're going to tell us to wait for the offense to mesh, and by mid season Williams will be starting anyway.

Thank you, Desjardins!

A Couple great points.

I can't think of any positives from this trade.

I agree that this isnt a good trade, but only becuase I think DJ could be a terrific receiver. Lets face it, Terry has lost a step or two and will be playing shuffleboard soon, and besides a few good snags, Peterson couldnt catch a cold, hence the nickname "incompleterson"

"Fleeced" is putting it mildly. What was he thinking? Was alcohol involved? As said earlier, we probably could have got Pierce for this offering. I hope we are all wrong, but cripes...

Are you KIDDING? A 1000-yard receiver, An All-Star (arguably the best) Canadian Lineman, AND a 2nd round draft pick



Am I missing something here? Wtf? God, I thought we got rid of useless tools during the beginning of this offseason, but instead we hired one for a GM. I hope DJ puts up 200 yards each game against us next year.

Both players are likable but that doesnt win football games. I guess you could say Flick was our best WR but what is that really saying???

Smith was starting to lose his spot on the line and so I guess they though he wouldnt start.

Really I think it has to be looked at in this light....Montreal every year dumps a bunch of players and bring in nobodies from around and they do very well.

It's obvious that Desjardins thinks that everyone was the problem last year and that the injured QB and the playcalling had nothing to do with that disastrous season. If one could say that this is a bonehead of a move Marcel that would be an understatement!!!!

saw Smith play basketball at that fundraiser for Breast Cancer a few weeks ago in Oakville..
i wish i got his autograph then ..

this is a very bizarre turn of events.

good grief

With Apologies to Dr. Seuss...

I do not like this on Wednesday.
I do not like this ANY way.
I do not like to hear this now
I think this makes my head go OW!

I do not like this trick with Flick
I do not like it, it's not slick
I do not like this Butler guy
I think this third string makes me cry

I do not like to lose a pick
To lose this pick just makes me sick.
I do not like green trades, Oh man
I do not like this, Sam I am.