We got exactly what we traded for.

When we traded for Jason Maas we didn't get ripped off. We actually got exactly what we traded for.

We traded for a backup QB and we got a backup QB.

You can't buy a Sunfire and expect it to run like a Corvette.

Amen brother! It's gonna be one looooong season. I just hope it's not gonna get any worse. What the heck am I saying? It CAN"T get any worse!!!!!!!

yea but we got jason maas after he led a team to a greycup

so we thought we were getting a QB capable of taking a team to a grey cup

In a relief role ... he led the club to victories in 2 playoff games but didn't get the start in the Grey Cup.

Big fu*$ing deal.

Chang should start - Maas is better suited for #2.


but wat i was saying before was he still came in and beat 2 teams ( in relief roll ) to take the team to the grey cup

so thats 2 playoff teams he beat that year

now he cant throw a TD pass

Maybe he's a good team quarterback.

Only plays well when he was great players around him. I.E. Kurt Warner.

A great quarterback makes people around him better.

well last year we had a good team

but he still played like crap

Last year, we had supposedly good players. Not many of them are still playing football in the CFL. We actually had (with some noticable exceptions) a group of malcontents and underachievers.