We got 3 ALL-STARS

Just checked cfl.ca and we got 2 all-stars... Knowlton and Thompson

CONGRATS GUYS!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Actually we have 3. Setta was also chosen as the Punter.

Congrats guys and it's been nice knowing you. :wink:

Great choices.

Knowlton has been flying under the radar and deserves more recognition. What a great way to get it!

Good job by Obie to get these guys.

Look at all the B.C. Lions. Hopefully, Obie can bring that success over here soon.


Sorry, I forgot Setta!!

How about 2 all stars who will here next season?

congrats to the all stars and honorable mention to zeke who played most of the season here but just couldnt cut it.

Obie TRADED for Knowlton and Thompson btw...just wanted to point that out.

Congrats guys.

Als take 4 out of 5 on the o-line. Wow.

Really? 8)


An all-star for each win the team has.

IMO Marvin Hage should have been the all star center. I know Brian Chiu was selected but I think it was on past reputation. Chiu isn't the player he used to be.

Hage, as well as most of the Cat Oline had a brutal year as they gave up 67 sacks. Chiu was the leader on the best Oline in the league, giving up 22.

Not a tough choice there.

I grant you that the Als O-Line improved this year but mainly because of their Tackles. The interior three guys Lambert, Chiu and Flory were the same guys that were part of a bad year in 07. Which shows that offensive lines have to play as a unit. One weak link and it all breaks down.
But I still say Hage is probably the best center in the CFL right now. Chiu and O'Day have been the top guys for years, but they're on their last legs IMO.
Not to take everything away from Montreal OL's this year, but a veteran QB like Cavillo who has plays designed to get rid of the ball in two seconds will cut down sacks. Hamilton QB's were holding onto the ball too long IMO which contributes to more sacks.
The Ticat OL isn't too bad IMO, maybe a stud left tackle away from being real good. Of course the Argos win the honour of having the worst OL in the league.

Hopefully none of our all-stars this year do a Future Shop commercial. Based on last year's, it may become the CFL version of the Sports Illustrated cover-curse.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/2008-cfl-defensive-all-star-team]http://www.cfl.ca/article/2008-cfl-defe ... -star-team[/url]

Knowlton isn't there...

he was eastern all star but not league i guess which is what they narrow it down to after divisions. I think thats how it goes.

What if we include Jason Goss and Zeke Moreno? :wink: :lol: