We found a football at the game

After returning to our seats at halftime, we noticed the young couple who were attending the game with their 2 young boys left a full football under their seats. The couple never returned. I am creating this post to help return the ball to the rightfull owner should they happen to visit this forum. If you are them, PM me. You will just need to tell me what seats you sat in.

If I was the young lad attending my first game and lost my football (which had a couple of autographs on it), this would not be the way I would want to remember the game.

Good for you Chewy. Very thoughtful of you. Good luck with the search. :thup: :thup: :rockin:

Suggest you tell your story and leave your contact info with the Cats' office as the parents are most likely to call there today for "Lost & Found." Hope you manage to get the boy and the ball are reunited.

Hi Chewy:

May I add my tip of the hat to you for your most considerate actions.

I'm sure the child and the parents will be most appreciative.


Was going to but figured they would see the post. But will do regardless