'We find ways to win': Riders gaining momentum as playoffs approach

EDMONTON — The playoff-bound Saskatchewan Roughriders have won five of their last seven games, and the team is peaking at the right time with three straight victories on the road.

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It would seem the Riders are well on there way to a home playoff game. However Calgary nor Sk are in the Bombers league. Likely a mute point. BLM has stunk the joint out regularly and the Rider O line is not good enough to win in the trenches against most of there opposition. Mean while the Bomber front 7 and O line are the top in the league. Bombers are good where you need to be in the playoffs. Then factor in Willie J. He is a game changer on his own. Winnipeg wins the Grey Cup unless Willie J. gets hurt. If that happens Hamilton wins the GC at home. Riders are a team of the future, Stamps have missed the boat and the Bombers are a win now team. Hamilton could be considered win now if it were not for the dominance of Winnipeg and Jefferson specifically.

The Bombers :laughing:.

I didn’t know what I witnessed last night was “momentum”.

How did Stamps miss the boat?....please let Huff know the errors of his ways please

Yeah, but it was "just Edmonton," as so many people have been saying all week.

:laughing: 30% of your wins came against the Elks. But yeah all hail the Bombers

If we had played Sask one more time then 60% of our wins would have come against the Elks and the Riders, according to your math.

You needed players ejected to win the Banjo bowl


And how did a Rider fan ever figure out the Bomber master conspiracy plan? Don’t tell anyone but we’ve been stealing signs all year too!

Lol the riders are 1-4 vs Stamps and Bombers and only beat the stamps once because of poor scheduling and a flu bug hitting stamp oline....the truth is rider fans a scare tight now and mask it with silly excuses.

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:laughing:. Now why would we be scared of the Stamps?

As for the scheduling, it favored the Stamps as 2 of the 3 games came before a bye week for the Riders. Game 1 of the Rider/Stamps series came after your bye week

When are teams going to come up with more than one short kickoff play? Craig Dickenson keeps calling time outs after the reveal and kicking teams keep doing what he exposed. Out coached much?

Thats an interesting take

you should be scared of the Stamps because we beat you 90% of the time we play you

Since 2007 we've beat you 4x in the playoffs to your 1x. Calgary is a shell of what they were.

:laughing: you claim our win was because of a bye when you also had a bye.

Our last 8 games vs each other (no preseason) the Bombers are 6-2 outscoring the Riders 188-98....and 5 of those games were in Regina, 2 of them being playoff games.
Cry all you want about your players being stupid and getting ejected in 1 game, but we've had your number for some time.

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lol did you not just criticize me for living in the past? DEADTHERED

Yes, but in your bye and 2 week prep you had 2 weeks of fresh game film to watch of us, we did not have that in our bye/ 2 week prep . That is a big difference. Also, what about the 2nd win against you? Rider had just as much prep for that game as we did, and you were at home!!!