We Faked a Punt!

OMG we faked a punt!!!

I love this new Tiger-Cats football!

Just shore up the missed tackles and strengthen our pass coverage and we're right in the thich of things.

Good times coming next season???

Ron... you're going to be proud of this team! Miss you already.

*thick not thich.

taafe didnt know you could do that.

Marcel puts his stamp on the team.

I can't remember the last faked punt that we did. We have to sign Setta before he bolts out of town.


Setta has been my favourite player since he joined the team. Being a Notre Dame fan didn't hurt! :stuck_out_tongue:

He's a great kicker, has great sense for the game, has valuable experience now and he is VERY good at fakes.

He was the emergency QB while at Notre Dame.

I loved it. Nice to see a little creativity.

I know. That's why I was excited when he came to the 'Cats. We need more ex-Irish players!

I'm biased though. I LOVE The Rocket as well... even though he played for the Argos.

Setta is an athlete plain and simple. GREAT player.

I am so pumped about last nights game... even now at 8:00am I'm still lovin the game last night! We lost... but it looks like we're STARTING to turn the corner.