We don't need to sell the Bombers to build a new stadium

Contrary to what Lyle Bauer and the Bomber Board of Directors would have us believe, our community-owned team DOES NOT require new ownership to build a new stadium.

The Maroons Rd. site is prime real estate worth millions of dollars. The Bombers should sell that land to David Asper or some other land developer and relocate.

An anchor tenant like the Blue Bombers + money from the land sale + govt. money would provide the seed money to build our "field of dreams" with a retractable dome that would operate 365 days a year, vastly increasing the potential for new revenue streams.

The new complex could compete with True North for events and use its unique venue to house indoor sports like soccer, arena football, gymnastics and indoor racing (track, moto-cross, go-kart, perhaps even whitewater rafting like the Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing)! Land developers would naturally flock to the surrounding area to build facilities such as a restaurants, hotels, and amusement parks.

The city could offer land, property tax breaks, etc. to facilitate the building of a new stadium/sports complex as soon as possible. Winnipeg Enterprises can accept tendered bids once David Asper knows that ownership of the club is not open to discussion and he withdraws his letter of intent. The city and the province should band together to declare in no uncertain terms that our community-owned football club is NOT FOR SALE.

Mr. Asper isn't a "white knight." He sees an opportunity to make money with the Blue Bombers and so should we.

Once the Bomber Board of Directors unanimously agreed to endorse David Asper’s letter of intent to acquire ownership of the Bombers, they were no longer acting in the best interest of Winnipeg Enterprises and the 650,000+ citizens it represents. The board should either resign immediately or be removed by Winnipeg Enterprises.

Winnipeggers should wake up and smell the coffee before another one of our beloved sports franchises is sold on a street corner like a naive runaway.


Being "community owned" DOESN'T mean we're all part-owners of the Blue Bombers and have a say in what they do.

We are not part-owners.
We have no say in what the team does.

"Community ownership" has got us ZERO Grey Cups in 18 years (in an 8 team league!!), only 3 in the past 48, and a crumbling, obsolete, uncomfortable stadium.

Oh, and the worst team in the CFL this year.


The Blue Bombers have desperately needed new owners for over a decade.

Asper is the right man for the job.

...good post Jets....i think you got it....Papering over the ol gal at Polo Park ain't gonna do it....When a local guy says he want to invest in the team and a new facility ..why do peoples eyes go wide in wonderment and look like they were unjustly put-upon????I don't get it....Asper is a dedicated CFL guy...IF he couldn't make a success of the franchise i'm sure he wouldn't be involved in this venture...I say venture because it does include him putting a lot of his own money into the deal....He takes ownership of the team and the way this guy lives and dies with the team ...you can be sure he'll do everything in his power to make the Bombers a class team in the league...As far as the business end of things go....WHY NOT MAKE MONEY ...isn;t that the way of the world in professional sports....You don't get involved in it to lose money (at least that's the intention of EVERY owner but sometimes isn't always the case) I say its high-time the citizens of the Peg got a new football/sports facility they can be proud of....The other option is none what-so-ever and the end of the franchise :expressionless:

couple problems.

one is the ownership doesn;t give the people power just no private owner.

two sell the land people will want the stadium out of there as fast as possible. probably won't care where the team plays.

three the retrcatable roof crap unless we agree to keep it open on every bomber game. football is a bttle with weather not a/c or heating.

and four the mts be it absolutly obsuerd has the rights to all major indoor concerts.

What I find curious, is how a person attemtps to justify the term "community ownership" as if it is a negative thing, only that the obvious answer is going private.

We don't need Asper. If you took a poll of Winnipeg citzens, most do not want Asper to own the team. The Bombers should take advantage of business opportunities and build their own mall. That way the stadium can be fixed for a fraction of what Bomber fans will give up. And if Asper was a true fan as papa alludes to. Then why did the Bombers have to pay the legal fees for due diligence. The team went 300,000 in the hole last year due to that expense. This amount of money is peanuts to Asper, which he should have payed out of his pocket. Also if Asper was a true fan then why did he not tell Taman go out and sign some marquee players and never mind the salary cap as he would cover the fines. Do you think the Riders were worried about the cap last year. And they will probably be over again this year due to injuries. Asper is not a true fan as some would allude to. His only concern is building a mall and making money. Nothing wrong with that. However his intentions are not what is being reported.

...WHY?????? would....should Asper incur any of the Bombers expenses 'at this point in time' ...he doesn't own the team...I would say trying to allude that Asper is not a Bomber fan is ridiculous...the guy has been going to Bomber games since he was a lad....and also was a director of the team up until a couple of years ago...I don't think that kind of discrediting , housedog, is gonna wash...Renovating the stadium is going to cost BIG dollars..good money flushed down the drain according to a lot of experts...sooooo in the end i believe a new faciltiy HAS to be built....How that transpires is anyones guess as of now...Aspers plan has approval and the inside track ....if it doesn't fly...things will be back to square one ...and with nothing else feasible on the horizon...the bog will have some tough decisions on their hands to maintain this franchise.. :expressionless:

The Blue Bomber stadium debate will likely rage on for another 10 years...

This is Winnipeg.

Today, the most talked-about location for a stadium at the U of M. Tomorrow it will be somewhere else. And so on and so forth until ol' Canad Inns finally crumbles to the ground.

Meanwhile the community-owned Bombers will continue to let us down. Continue to choke in the playoffs. And continue to make it a little less pleasant to live in the city of Winnipeg.

Now before you think I'm being too negative, realize that I absolutely believe Winnipeg DESERVES a new, state-of-the-art, comfortable stadium, and has deserved it for a very long time. We DESERVE a great, entertaining football team that wins Grey Cups. Winnipeg deserves the best!

I just know that in Winnipeg, it takes forever for us to get what we deserve.

Winnipeg deserves an NHL team! www.JetsOwner.com

As a sign of good faith Asper should pay for the 300,000 the Bombers incurred for the lawyers fees ( due Deligence} The Bombers have as much chance of getting a new stadium as they would in getting an NHL franchise.

If a new stadium was to be built the best place is outside the city. There would be enough room for parking. The stadium does not have to be within the city limits.
Asper should NOT be connected with any future bomber plans. He has milked the bomber cow long enough.

I see nothing wrong with healthy debate over this integral issue.

It isn't community ownership that stinks, it's the Bomber Board of Directors who stink! The Maroons Rd. property should have been sold years ago b/c it's worth millions.

Had the BoD done that, we'd have an enclosed stadium that is capable of generating revenues 365 days a year. As for True North having a monopoly on hosting entertainment acts in Winnipeg, they wish! They only have exclusive rights to being the only multi-purpose complex in the downtown area--that's how the Canad-Inns bid got jammed up.(At least that's how I remember it--someone provide precise documentation re: this, if you want to correct me).

The Centennial Concert Hall, Burton Cummings Theatre, the Winnipeg Convention Centre are still in business, as far as I know.

If you want to complain to someone who can do something about the stiffs Winnipeg Enterprises hired on as Bomber Board of Directors, contact:

Mike Ruta, Winnipeg Enterprises CFO, c/o Corporate Communications at the City of Winnipeg website


Let me say this point blank: The Winnipeg Blue Bombers stink b/c most of their fans act like useless crybabies or mindless bobbleheads that go along with whatever Lyle Bauer or the Bomber staff say w/o question.

Are you telling me that 10,000 emails or a petition of 50,000 calling for the following won't have an effect?
-removal of the current board of directors
-appointment of a new B.O.D.
-selling the property on Maroons Rd.
-building a covered stadium that can make money for the team instead of that obsolete stadium we have now (we don't need David Asper to do this for us and take his cut--he's in it for the money)

I sent my email to the CFO of Winnipeg Enterprises--where's yours? Post this or your own thoughts at the Blue Bomber Forum (I've been banned)

[url=http://www.ourbombers.com/messageboard/viewforum.php?f=2]http://www.ourbombers.com/messageboard/ ... um.php?f=2[/url]

Create an online petition if you have the skill. You say that Winnipeggers don't have a say about how our team operates--B.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ball is now in your hands. Don't fumble it!

I enjoy what debate has to offer, because this kind of Rider mentality that takes place on ourbombers is a total white-wash of any opposing forces against lord_bauer's wishes.

I wasn't banned from ourbombers. . . I refused to post there.

By the end of this season, no grey-cup, no play-offs, then what???

If Bauer were man enough to face the challenges himself, this BoD's would have no trouble in dealing with Bauer as anyone else. Therefore, the issue here isn't one of community ownership, it is Bauer hoping the fans are selling out to Asper wearing a Bomber business suit. If the fans are willing to sell out to a monopoly; we are still a community team with members of such that hardly feel it is worth a BoD's lunch buffet.

If the market in real-estate is turning a profit, and Bauer wants to broker that mortage to a potential investor. . . the fans deserve the first say. The problem is, Bauer is not working for the fans, yet not one person is willing to listen this linear pattern of thinking.

Where did you hear that most citizans don't want Asper to own the team, out of a phone survey conduted last year (yes they took a poll), the support was overwhelming for Asper. 90% in favor , not bad and yes we do need a new stadium, they already determined that the Stadium would cost to much to renovate, so get your facts straight before posting negative comments!!

great post papa, some people think they kknow it all without getting the true facts.

who mentioned that we could throw concerts year round in a domed stadium? First of all the MTS CENTRE has EXCLUSIVE rights to all concerts and no other venue bigger then the arena "CANNOT HAVE A CONCERT". Part ofthe stipulation when the MTS cenre opened.

Last year the Free Press held a survey as well as the Sun. Both surveys showed that Winnipeggers did not want taxpayers money spent on a new stadium. Your survey of 90% was probably an OB survey, which is a Bomber sponsor. The Winnipeg Sun had a survey that indicated most fans want the team to stay community owned. 300 people show up to an info meeting at the MTS center last fall. Asper was giving away free hotdogs. Hardly an overwhelming endorsement of private ownership. Most were media stooges and off the street homeless types. An online petition by Asper has a mere 1000 names for support. Those are the facts. Regina stadium is a lot older and they have found some interesting ways to raise money to fix their facility and stay community owned. With a federal election looming and the fact that Toews has had overwhelming letters of non support for a stadium. don't think it is going to happen.

So you think community Ownership stinks. What kind of Ownership does Regina have ?? They are the most successful team in the CFL. Your beloved Jets were owned by a private owner from Winnipeg. He sold you out as well as Winnipeg. And the Jets had mostly lousy teams during it's life in the NHL. We don't need new owners as this is no guarantee to success, and you should have learned this by the Jets example. The Jets would not have been successful even if they had a new arena due to the type of owner they had at the time. What we need is to can both Bauer and Taman. That has been the biggest problem the last 10 years. Asper was on the board of directors. There was no Grey Cup wins during his tenure.

Asper will run a first class organization of that I have no doubt.

I'm also starting to warm up to a retractable stadium at the U of M location. The university could use that facility all year round, not to mention a great venue for the Pan Am or Commonwealth Games. Best idea I have heard yet.