We continue to embarrass ourselves

Looks like the decision to play our vetrans with 3 games left, just results in making us continue to look bad. Is this Millers way to get some of these guys to retire, cause he refuses to do what is required to improve this team. Stay loyal to your players even if it results in a losing season. Edmonton, BC, Calgary have all made major changes, no position is safe, and they are all in the playoffs.

Miller has to go.

Since Miller is so loyal to his players, we could try to get him to take a bet...

Put a target out, 25 yds from Dimwittie. If the illustrious backup can hit it in one throw, Miller keeps his job. If not, he, Dimwittie,and Taman ALL go! :smiley:

In fairness, I don't mind Miller, but I don't think he creates enough accountability with his players to be HC. He's TOO loyal.

OTOH, the more we embarrass ourselves, the closer we get to a complete clean-out of upper management, starting with the man responsible for bringing Dimwittie to Regina...Taman.

He certainly talked about loyalty in the papers this week, but his players have not given them back. Funny but they are talking about this on the after game radio show. They have NO idea why this is happening. We are not as good as we think we are. Can't keep going down the same road that always ends in the same result, losing. The board needs to get involved instead of getting invited to golf tournaments to hang out with thier buddies.