We cant pretend clock management wasnt a BIG issue.

penalty or not, this was a glaring mistake. Twice.

With 4 mins left and you not being able to take 2 timeouts inside of 3 minutes, we should have taken 1 time out on defence. We were down 10 points at the time. (Unless im missing a timeout).

The much bigger mistake was with 1:22 left we forced a punt. At this point we MUST take our timeout. There is no scenario where we would kill 20 seconds on offense, and Calgary punted that ball with 1:02 and a continuous (moving clock). After the penalty there was 35 seconds left.

This was awful clock management. This should be the first question of KA after the game.

Indeed! That was a crucial loss of seconds that was only compounded by losing the TD on the return. Hard to take!

Oski Wee Wee,


It's been an issue all year. Not sure who that's on. I always figured it was Zach, but after tonight, I'm not sure.

So you thought maybe it's the QB's job to decide whether to take time-outs when the other team is punting?

It isn't? Must be the long-snapper's responsibility then right?

I missed that one at the time, but you're right, should have called timeout when Calgary was punting. Fans are allowed to forget that there's a "use it or lose it" timeout available at that point of the game, but the coach shouldn't.

I've never seen a coach NOT take a timeout in that situation. Was shocked when he didn't.

Of course, you need to consider that we might have been planning to score a TD on the punt return and wanted to minimize the time Calgary had left on the clock to mount a comeback. Almost worked, too …

this is not the first time......Austin is heralded as an amazing coach and he may very well be, but his clock management is the worst, i mean the worst of any coach i have ever seen when it comes to clock management. I have been many times at games and yelling 'call a timeout' at certain times in a game and its never done. This is not a one game thing, it has been happening for two years.

If you call a timeout you wouldnt have to force the issue as much as they did in the final seconds.

And....apart from that...when you are down 10 and needed two scores with 3-5 minutes left where was the urgency in running a no huddle offence? When we were driving to get points (when we made it 20-16 with a field goal) go and check what time we started off with the ball and how much left after that drive.....huge time was taken off knowing we needed to score twice

Not only was clock management horrific all season, apparently the coach does not know that he can try for two points after a touchdown.

He is always very conservative with his timeouts. He rarely takes them before the end of the first half when we have a chance to pin the other team (since the rule change allowing the move to 2 per game). I can live with it if he has a strategy and a theory as to why, last night was a prime example of him not knowing what to do. He could have used one before the half in the same situation and didnt, then with 4 mins left he could have used it, didnt.

As for the urgency i said the same thing even earlier, the Breaux interception happened with about 11 minutes left, and we kicked a FG with about 8 left (from what i remember). Regardless, we were down 13 points and it was a 2 score game, kicking the FG kept it a 2 score game and we wasted tonnes of time while im shouting HURRY UP while the team walks out of the huddle and runs the play clock down to 2.

Really frustrated with Kent and staff over the poor clock management.

It shouldnt be this obvious to the fans.

Still in disbelief over this. Anyone who knows anything about football knows to call a timeout there. Inexcusable.

Thanks for allowing the possibility that he's a good coach.Very gracious of you.
And thanks for not mentioning his "love affair with sub-par talent."

You're right. I should have mentioned how great our team was in last years grey cup and the embarrassment of a show we put on. We really did have great talent, didn't we? It's great to make the grey cup when Anthony calvillo is out for most of the year, ricky ray is injured for a good portion of the year and Winnipeg having a lousy team. Proves we had a great team. Proves that we shouldn't have turned over half the roster this year.

If you think we had great talent last year and the team represented itself in the best possible way then you have lots to learn. And no he isn't my favourite coach and never will be but those that don't see the big picture will love him.

You can respond to this as you wish but your attempt and hope of starting your ongoing battles with certain posters won't succeed with me. Not worth it.

I hope you learn your football over time.

To second guess and criticize a coach after a game is every fan's right.
But to crawl out from under a rock and try and score points against Austin out of petty jelousy or hate or whatever your motivation is is pathetic.
Austin has turned a chronic mickey mouse org. into probably the best run franchise in the league and to ignore that and cherry-pick mistakes in order to make him look bad or make yourself look smart is even more pathetic.

The hypocrisy in this post is off the charts.

Yup. That got lots of mention from my group as well, and same with the poor (complete lack of) clock management at the end of the first half when they could have been playing to get into field goal range. The people watching with me were incredulous and the time just drained away to zero.

If you just admitted you were wrong about Austin you'd probably feel a whole lot better. He's a very good coach. He makes this franchise better. You don't have to love him but its' not hard to accept.

In certain aspects, Austin is absolutely a very good coach. Heck, the players love him, there's no denying that. I think that's half the battle in professional sports. However, he's also very bad in some aspects, as evidenced last night.

What was to be "incredulous" about ? When your offense isnt moving the ball particularly well you have a choice - take the 10 point defecit into half time or gamble with the possiblilty of making it worse .Pretty basic coaching stuff. Just because you wouldnt have made that choice doesnt make it wrong.

The perfect coach and perfect coaching does not exist. To judge Austin by an impossible standard is silly. To suggest whatever negatives there are outweigh the great things he has done here is assinine.