We can't let people get away saying this!

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Unfortunately, he does have some points.

They do make some points.
But don't agree with them all

The balance of power in the CFL, much like every other professional sports league, is cyclical.

Right now the balance of power is in the Western division. As a result, the attendance and fan support is at an all-time high.

I know traditionally there has been strong support in Saskatchewan, Edmonton, and Calgary, but it wouldn't be a stretch to see attendance and fan support drop when the team performs consistently poor or in times of a poor economy.

So for someone to take a shot a one teams fan base when there are only 8 teams in a barely profitable league, is ridiculous and not very well thought out.

I am willing to bet whomever started that thread is fan of a team in the west. And if they are, I won't sink to their level and insult the fans that actually attend the games by calling them out on a CFL forum.

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Bob acknowledges that the on field product maybe not worth paying for and does not blame fans for staying away. This team will be competitive at some point. Its just too bad Obilovich didn't do enough this year. With Winnipeg and Toronto having their worst year in a decade. The opportunity was Golden.

I just posted a response on the CFL forum. Obviously this guy doesnt have a clue what hes talking about!!!

Its like spinning your tires in the snow we are going nowhere fast. We have some amazingly passionate fans in Hamilton, there is no doubt about that, but we are the same old retreads year after year with the exception of the first three years of Caretakers rule and a papered house.

If you take away the last three years and truly look back upon the 1980’s and 1990’s what has changed here? We have 15000 core fans that attend every game. During winning seasons it seems to me that the sold sits are full and during loosing ones the sold sits are empty, yet its always the same numbers give or take a few

I do not believe anyone can say Hamilton is a good football town, yet I believe we have the best 15000 diehard fans anywhere. As one of those diehards I am ultra thankful that Bob Young came along when he did, because he did save this team.

The writers presentation was poor and yes insulting, however the facts need to be recognized and dealt with to improve our diehard numbers, each year IWS becomes less attractive to the new casual fan, its location is poor with nothing to offer beyond the game itself. That’s fine to me and to the others that we know will attend, but does nothing for growth of the Tiger Cats as a business, and reality is that this team is business.

To the poster I say please avoid making points that tear the hearts out of fans that have feared the demise of this team for years.

It is my humble opinion that a new location and a new stadium will be the only ticket to long time CFL success here in Hamilton if the location opens the door for easy access and travel from where ever for game day.

The majority of the citizens of Hamilton that would possibly attend games no longer live in the area that is easily acceptable and making the extra effort for most isn’t going to happen here regardless of the game day event offered. Lets move on knowing that the long term solution to attendance problems here are as a result of stadium location and a new facility is desperately required.

That said then, remember “Presentation is everything? please state your points but do so without insulting those of us that care so much.

You have to get kids involved, now and early on in their youth.

The have a lot of persuasion with the NFL. The NFL is huge. The CFL needs to relook at a partnership with the NFL.

I grew up watching CFL football because that's all my dad watched. I discovered the NFL about 10 years ago and am a die hard Bills fan. But I also rediscovered the CFL in the last 5 years or so and have become a Ticat season ticket holder.

I actually love IWS and hope that they fix it up instead of relocating and rebuilding.

I like IWS for the sightlines. With a new stadium, there will be a track, so you will be further away.

The new IWS probably be in a location where you have to pay on their grounds to park. The best part about IWS is finding a spot to park and walking to and from the stadium just overhearing conversations of why and how we suck/lost or how great it is to be winning.

Those are things that will change.

On the other hand, a new stadium, will be all the rage for a year or two and they will probably make it to hold around 20,000 like BMO Field. BMO field is awesome and a football game there would be great but we would lose the brick wall so close to the side lines, the dugouts, the small visitors locker room and the intimate feel.

Hamilton has been hit with a lot of job loss over the past few years and the economy sucks for us right now. I think getting 20K people today, is great considering how good the job market was 15 years ago when we were getting 15K people.

There is no denying IWS is a very special and unique place. For all the reasons you and I love the place are the same reasons so many stay away. Hamilton’s face has changed over the years in so many ways that I find it hard to say that we are still a blue collar city. However our football mentality remains very blue collar and that causes a separation of fans that do and fans that will not attend games.

We all love the sight lines that make watching a game at IWS second to done and believe me I wish we were bursting to overflowing numbers and this debate was only because we needed more seats, but reality says to me that we will never know until there is a different place to experience Ti cat football whether football can live and succeed in Hamilton without being dependent upon a deep pocketed owner.

Hamilton is alive and well and full of professional people that make their homes everywhere but within walking distance of IWS and would avoid anything that is not made easy to attend.

As I drive around our city these days its clear how this city has changed and its clear that our football team needs to change with it.

We need a new house !

Ivor Wynne is THE best football venue in the CFL. The leisurely walk through family neighbourhoods, where the gardens are sculpted and the lawns are trimmed, where the plain folk of the City live in solid, working-class homes, past St Ann's Church, where my parents were married in 1944, and St. Stanislaus, Holy Spirit, and St. Anthony's, where the Polish, Ukrainian, and Italian communities found their centre, is a Hamilton delight. Anyone who does not understand the beauty of these surroundings should stay home and watch the game on TV. They will never get it. Hamilton is a people place, and don't ever forget this plain truth.

BatlCat, WOW what can I say but to say please do not miss read me, as I agree with you 100%, I wish first that there were more of us. But sadly we are very few in numbers theses days, would I give up that great walk I have made every game since my childhood for the future of the this team? YES sad but I think we all will have to sooner then later.

I couldn't get past the poor spelling to read the post and I'm not usually like that. It was just too much.

I have been a supporter of the team and always will be, but it's kind of hard to get my kids interested in the game when there is a revolving door on players. They get to meet the players and they are great to the kids and it makes them want to go to the events, but then those players get cut or traded and it's hard to get them to want to take part. They're still too young to fully appreciate the game for its merits.