We beat 'em once, we'll beat 'em again!

We do not give Montreal a moment of quiet in the huddle, we do not give the any chance to make fake snap calls, we gt loud and stay loud on defense. NO QUARTER!

Montreal looked a little scary today.

The silver lining from their dominant performance is that they will somehow manage to show up overconfident again, despite the whipping they took a week ago.

Absolutely! They had a hard time dealing with the crowd noise in OUR HOUSE. They didn't have that problem at home of course and BC looked truly awful most of the time today. Ticats will be well-rested and at home with the TRULY AWESOME support of their fans. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Think I'll go down by the river for a couple of hours Mon to Wed and practice screaming. Just an hour on Thurs with Fri Sat off.

We can beat them again but generally it is difficult to beat the same team twice in a row.

it helps when kevin glenn has problems performing in montreal


Drew Edwards @scratchingpost · 40m 40 minutes ago
After talking to #Alouettes Duron Carter & Bear Woods, the #Ticats are going to need a bigger bulletin board. Story coming soon. #CFL

...Clearly these guys haven't learned their lesson.

Yup, these guys have no humility, I think the Cats should lay a bigger beating on them in the Eastern final. In front of an awesome crowd at THF.

BC was truly awful. Yes, partly because of Montreals defence but look at Cromptons numbers. Only 151 yards passing on a 14 for 21 day. Stop the run and somehow contain Greene and we should be good. Crompton is okay but not great.

Our D and the 13th Man at THF will get the big W to the show :rockin:

Well they did exactly that last week and Crompton looked less than ordinary. The D will be up for the task again. As long as our OL can give Zach the protection that he had last time and open up some room for Grigsby to run, we should be good on offense too.

A little worried but the pigeons,like us, are a different team on the road.

Hamilton played great in there last game as did Montreal so i assume this will be a pretty sloppy final lol

What a Great situation to be in for the Tiger-Cats, 6-0 at the new Tim Horton's Field in Hamilton, the extra time off to heal up and rest, top team in the East in 2014 and now one game away from going to the big dance in Vancouver and a return trip to the Grey Cup.

Montreal is hyped, they beat BC at home and a good victory but Tim Horton's is our house, our home, our feild and the home of the Tiger-Cats and No one is coming in here and going to push us around and not without a lot of of noise by our fans and tough defence, special teams and winning offence.

Let's Whip the Al's into feathers and bird meat Tiger-Cats and EAT EM RAW next Sunday!!!!

here we go....

"They won that game. They won't win this one. We're going 2 play better than them. We're going 2 capitalize on everything," @TheBEAR45

Going to be a monster game. :o

They are shooting their mouths off as usual. I hope our guys stay away from that crap and just go out and paste them so they can STFU

I don't care what they've learned or haven't learned we better take them very very serious. :x :x :x

You know, it should be noted that the last time Montreal beat Hamilton in a playoff game was in 1996. We're 5-0 since then....

Looking 6 days ahead is somewhat long-range for weather forecasting but, as of now, the day is predicted to be very similar to what it was for the Nov. 8th game -- 6 C, feeling more like 3, 70% chance of showers and winds from the same direction (SW) but not as strong. "We beat 'em once (in that weather), we'll beat 'em again!"