We are watching the next Warren Moon

Franklin looks to have the "it" factor.

What’s with your premature predictions?

Montreal’s starting a new dynasty.
Franklin’s the next Moon.

I can’t wait to see who the next Pinball will be. :lol:

Jefferson Hodge. He's currently playing high school ball in El Paso but when he hits the CFL for the 2022 season look out. My spidey sense is tingling on this one so remember, you heard it here first. :cowboy:

:lol: We will have to archive this post.

These are very exciting times for the CFL, parity exists, the league has an influx of talent, and the international exposure is at an all-time high.

Montreal has a unique situation because of their young QB and their ferocious defense. Once Cato gets a better understanding of the game the skies the limit for what will happen in the very near future. As for Franklin, he fits the part. Same size as Moon and also like Moon, Franklin was grossly disrespected by the other league coming out of college despite having the ability to play.

As far as Pinball, I'd rather have a Mike Pringle instead. Haven't seen anything close to that level of ability in years.

pringle, like Giz, was a one trick pony. Really really good at that one trick, but still one trick. Pinball was MR multi purpose, and oh so exciting in his prime.

Sorry to disappoint you, but the supposedly new Riders QB is going to be the next Warren Moon.


(See last sentence of the article. I can't cut & paste it for some reason.)

Whatever your smoking has the "it" factor !!

He actually looks like Moon. Maybe the real deal. excellent passer and handles pressure well.

Wish him all the success

He looked really good to be sure, but we'll see next year (if he isn't traded to the Argos in the mean time) if he's afflicted with the sophomore jinx once other teams figure him out. I'm also sure Reilly will eventually have something to say about how much playing time he'll get.

I'm pumping the breaks on the "Warren Moon" hype. But Franklin did impress me with his improvements. I have preached in the Eskimos Forum that Franklin NEEDED to get his short throw accuracy much improved before he started. He did just that against Toronto. He had only 1 scary pass to my knowledge (not counting his 20 yard overthrows due to him and his receiver being on the wrong page). Franklin will be a great QB to service the Eskimos until Mike Reilly is back to full strength (We won't have to rush Reilly though). Oh and... SO LONG NICHOLS! I really enjoyed your paranoid style of play with grave overthinking and slow release. NOT.

Personally, I do not think of Warren Moon at all when watching Franklin play.