We are watching the next CFL Dynasty

Montreal is headed for something BIG!

Oh! I was sure you were talking about Hamilton....

I was expecting a big story on the Eskimos.

Argos have the best winning percentage in the league. :rockin:

It does make for an exciting East division.
Who would have thought before the season as it looked like a Ticat cakewalk..

..don't blink, you'll miss it...

It will be starting Monday.

We are all witness to the Ticat dynasty

Yes sir, the East is very interesting this year, well more than many other years when it was almost a given that Montreal would be playing the East final at home, year after year.

A big retirement party for all the old players

That comment was posted after the 1t Qtr when the Als were up 17 - 0
Interesting to see how they do Friday night in Ottawa against a tougher defense

I think it may also have been tongue-in-cheek

Maybe shouldn't of chalked up a dynasty after week 2 . When teams were not even close to being at their full potential and rookie imports still didn't know the rules :lol:

Should "of", would "of", could "of" I guess? :roll:

If I remember, Dynasty was a TV evening soap opera with confusing storylines, trashy characters, and though it did well for a while then collapsed suddenly and was cancelled. Hmmm..... not sure I would want my team identified with it. :slight_smile:

... And a young Heather Locklear

I seriously think Jim Popp should think about retiring. I’m NOT saying he’s been all bad lately, but there’s been some signings that I seriously gotta question like LeFevour, Giguere, Hefney, Dobson Collins, people that there’s been good reason they’ve never been keepers on teams.

The Als’ key injuries are certainly rough and I think once Woods, Deslauriers, Rodgers, Hebert, Hoffman, and Lavarias all come back that they’ll start turning things around like we saw last year. Their track record for turning things around and staying in the playoff picture has been more than solid over the last 18 years, but you start to wonder if some things in their current situation are catching up to them. Seems like in the past they could always count on someone in that division to be stinking things up, like for a time Hamilton was rock bottom feeder, then Winnipeg a few times in the last decade, Toronto and of course Ottawa last year. They no longer have uncompetitive teams like that in the East and that starts to make you wonder if that streak of making the playoffs may be about to come to an end.

Tom Higgins, the guy just strikes me as nothing more than a good game manager but one who seems to struggle on challenging the right plays. Contrary to popular belief, I think he’s competent enough to be a head coach but his lack of emotion and his seemingly uninspiring way of doing things is in my opinion, just enough to get by, not enough to win that team a cup. If I’m Montreal, I just keep him through his contract year and don’t re-sign him even if his final year would make him a lame duck.

Actually, the East still does have an uncompetitve team.

Unfortunately for the Als, it's THEM.

(Yeah, I know, they squeaked out a victory against my Ticats early in the year, but right now, they're two games out of a playoff spot, and have two more games against the Cats this season.)

How about Toronto, Hamilton or Ottawa. We're 6 games into the season. What if the Argos go back to their bad habit of tanking at home and late in the season (seems to me it was 2 losses to the Als that choked the playoff life out of the Argos last season). What if Ottawa comes crashing back to earth. They have improved over last year but enough to be +500 for an entire season? What if Hamilton hit an injury bug. They lose 2 or 3 key players to injury and they could be fighting for the playoffs.

To many factors to right off the Als at this point because they are a whole TWO games out of a playoff spot. Now the Riders, well that's a bit different story. :cowboy: Couldn't resist.

I would respectfully disagree with you about Giguere who was stuck as the 2nd "national" receiver behind Fantuz (just his luck he ran out of NFL chances just after Andy was signed) and therefore was not a featured receiver playing in a wide out position. He is having a better season now that he has more passes tossed his way.
I would also disagree with you about LeFevour who played well last season in relief of Collaros on a still- developing team. We can't be sure that the record would have been better if Zach had been starting all of those games last season as he was still learning an offense that LeFevour already knew pretty well. Unfortunately he was hurt again in Montreal before having a chance to prove that he could be a solid starter for the team.

I do think that Popp is too busy signing "name" NFL rejects which gets him noticed south of the border as a "great GM". Certainly he has had a great track record with the Als, but I think he is now more interested in personal goals like securing an NFL GM position, which is taking some of his attention away from continuing to re-build the Als. Signing a number of veteran players, regardless of talent (Stamps, Lewis) is purely a stop gap. Just my two cents worth.

Hamilton HAS lost key players to injury - some for the whole season. Yes we've been fortunate to not lose our QB but they began the season with SIX key players out. Some have returned but they beat Winnipeg yesterday while missing their starting RB, (Gable) a starting receiver (Fantuz), starting OL player (Figueroa) and starting DB (Johnny Sears Jr). The team has enough depth to overcome most injuries as they have the past two seasons.