...We are very much alive.....

You guys should have a bald and Titties Out :slight_smile:

I don't know what that is, but it sounds interesting...

Well said! I am offering my mortgage up but no takers yet :lol:

Thats the way I remember Bishop playing in 2007 with Argos, thats why I like the guy so much, he is so exciting to watch. Now prior to 2007 I had found the Argos quite boring to watch, but Bishop brought back excitement that I had not seen since Fluties 98/99 season with the Bills. (For full disclosure, I do not watch NFL, I just followed Fluties NFL return until he retired from the NFL, have not watched a game since) (Well I did root for Kurt Warners team in last years SB, but that`s it)

Expect more excitement from Bishop in the coming weeks, unless they decide to do something dumb???? Like perhaps start the backups this week in the so called meaningless game :roll:

If Bishop's hamstring is any concern, I'd say sit him and keep him healthy. I have always agreed that he is our best hope, but we need him in the final game, and the playoffs more than we need him this week.

If his injury isn't too bad - get him in for a quarter or two at least, just to keep the timing alive. But don't jeapardize his health for this game.

All the guys shave their heads and paint their heads blue and the girls paint their titties blue with lighthing bolts in the middle.

Probably not enough blue body paint in North America but it would be AWESOME ! specialy if its a little cold :slight_smile: