...We are very much alive.....

...Bombers played the Als. tough today....A win we had to have....The rematch next week doesn't mean much.....HOWEVER
i'd like to see Bramlet and Santos get some playing time against a tough d....I sure like the 'spunk' Santos displayed in the win....This guy is a keeper...That deal we made for him will pay benefits down the road :wink: ..I also liked the play of Ryan ....another excellent receiver in the arsenal... :thup:

Bishop was awesome today. I also remember saying earlier that I wouldn’t expect much out of Titus Ryan and that he couldn’t catch; he definitely proved me wrong today. Agree with you about Santos as well.

That return by Jovon Johnson was awesome.

Makes that last game of the season against Hamilton mean a whole lot!

Congrats guys..You guys deserve the toughest fans of the year award :wink: I'm not quite sure why the midle of the field was left open all afternoon but good on Bishop for a great game.

i also called ryan useless...wtf wouldnt he play like that in calgary :stuck_out_tongue: great game i love seeing montreal lose LOL

When you say the rematch next week does not mean much?? It`s a big game! I think Bombers can repeat, as for playing Bramlet and Santos? I guess we could put them in after the game is well in hand, late in the 4th qtr for mop up duty. I also thought starting Ryan was a mistake, but I was also wrong!

Bishop was fabulous!!! I did predict correctly to all in my household that Kelly would go conservative in the 2nd half, try to run the ball down and play safe. Couple 2 and outs quick in the 2nd half had me worried. Are lead was down to 6, then we went back to the passing game and all was well. Bishop could have hit 500 yards. He is now 6-6 as a starter, not bad considering the circus atmosphere earlier.

WooHoo, Bombers are proving to be a resilient bunch. Put the boots to the Als today, as they should have, considering how the Als played.

Well, as far as the standings go, it means almost nothing. Winnipeg can win and Hamilton can lose, but all that means is that the Bombers are ahead of Hamilton in the standings if they tie in the final week. Regardless of what happens next week, the winner of that game takes second in the division (I think).

It might mean something for the crossover, but then only if Edmonton loses both of their remaining games (again, I think… not 100% sure).

What everything means next week is nothing!! The game in Winnipeg against Hamilton will determine everything!! Glenn is coming back to try and spoil our playoff home game and or our playoff appearance. Very interesting to say the least.

Yes that`s a bit confusing! I was thinking a sweep of Montreal combined with a loss by Tiger Cats to Sask would seal it for Bombers, but apparently not.

Mind you if Ticats beat Sask, and Bombers beat Als, combined with a Edmonton loss, puts Ticats and Bombers in the East semi final. That is not nothing! So if Bombers approach this game as meaningless like some here have said (total nonsense, sorry) then a loss against Hamilton could have Edmonton playing in the east semi final.

So pretty strange stretch to say the game has little meaning. Win against Montreal, with a loss to Edmonton and are assured of a playoff spot.

Also I thought the talk of how great Santos was, kind of funny. For sure seems like a great guy and great team mate, but Bishop could have got in from the 1 yard line and made those 3rd and inches. We have never (I have never) seen Santos throw a pass as a Bomber, perhaps he did on a 3rd and inches last few weeks and I missed it. I can see it`s a good idea to let everybody feel like they are helping the team in some way, so that has merit in itself, but I am against the backup QB coming in on 3rd and inches on any team, I just would not do that if I was coach.

The Bombers played great. Especially their D-Line, as well as Bishop, who was throwing accurate lasers. And Titus Ryan compliments Bowman nicely. The Bombers have some big play guys on O.

That said, the Als, for whatever reason, didn't much care about winning this one (the "tackling" on Jovon Johnson's PR TD spoke volumes in that regard).

I'm not sure if the Als were playing a lot of backups or what, but their pass defense, O-Line blocking and D-Line pressure absolutely stunk. It's clear that anybody who meets Montreal in the East final will have a legit shot at victory now...especially through the air.

That game in Winnipeg to end the season will probably be very meaningful. I am hoping that Edmonton tanks their final two games so Winnipeg and Hamilton can both squeeze into he postseason. But the Eskies play Toronto next, and we all know how much the Boatmen absolutely suck on O.

......Let's just say the PRIORITY will be the Ham. game....winning in Mont. would be nice BUT NOT essential....Looking at the crossover....the leos aren't out of the woods yet either....They'll have to win two tough games ....one could mean pts. for first in the west regarding the stamps....the other could mean the season for the esks....Still a lot of scenarios can unfold......HOWEVER....for us the main-game of the future is with the hammer.. :wink:

....i've personally written the arenogoods off....they could surprise ...but not likely ....schmoes have too much on the line....Their last game against the leos could be the esks. season...Let's just face the facts.....Montreal is in cruise mode...IF either the Cats or Bombers would have laid a licxking on the Als. like Wpg. did yesterday..AT THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR on Trestmans gang....then yeah i'd say both the BigBlue and Ti-Cats were in the same league..First of all they basically played both games without Calvillo....big difference maker is ol Anthony no matter how you try to twist it...Secondly ....I don't know what kind of experiment the Als. are trying on D ....i suggest they'll probably end it soon :lol: Anyway.....big games still to be played....We're getting down to the real 'nitty-gritty' now :wink:

Kudos to the Bombers for coming out fired up and trouncing my Als in every phase of the game.

The better team won yesterday. That's the plain truth.

....ploen truth....er, uh, i mean plain truth.....thanx for the kudos discipline....but we know it's gonna get A LOT tougher from here on in... :wink:

Well, he didn't throw any passes, we gotta judge him on what we saw.

Yes, it's quite likely Bishop could have dove forward for a yard; it's quite likely anyone can dive forward for a yard. Santos averaged four yards per carry on strictly quarterback sneaks and on one hit a Montreal defender and carried him for a few yards. That's not something you see often when you tell a guy his only job is to dive for a yard and come off the field.

Doesn't show he's a good quarterback, but it shows he's got the right attitude anyway.

It'll be tough, but it's not impossible. While I earnestly hope my Als come out with a better performance next week, it is hard to maintain intensity when there is absolutely nothing at stake for one team in a given game and the other team is fighting for their playoff lives.

ABSOLUTELY!!! was just saying

Yes, I'm here papa...must confess I got my times mixed up and missed this game, of all games :oops: :oops: :oops: even though MadJack already predicted that the Bombers had a real chance.

Looks like I owe myself some time with VOD.

paulpearson > I'll give credit where credit is due on this victory. Bishop played very well, and the team followed that leadership!

I'm not going to go bet my mortgage money on him for the next game - but he certainly played great on this one :smiley: