We are too noisy

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This is also on rider rumblings

We should all sign a card and say were sorry for being too loud,lol

Go riders :thup:


I am sorry, but articles like this just do not make sense to me.

Obviously we are just knowledgeable about when we are loud and have the passion to scream our faces off. ( full 60 mins! )

I am also sorry for Rick Gibeault's team not having the same fan support. But every teams' fan-base has this equal opportunity to mimic. Green is just a louder colour.

what kind of crap is that lol

an old man trying to whine about something

Here's a thought, Mr. Whiny-Letter-to-the-Editor-Guy...if you don't want your princesses to deal with the crowd noise, tell them to finish first...

Why would they publish such an inane letter? Obviously he has no idea what he is talking about. His own team would love to have fan noise at home like at Mosaic stadium.

We are not attending a golf tournament or tennis match

...for shame the electricity that was wasted to pen that crapola...

I believe this guy never heard about the 13th man... The crowd pays the tickets so we can do whatever we want! I was at the Olympic Stadium and we were making noise... That's the game. If a team cannot play with noise, well they shouldn't play in the CFL!

Raises an interesting daydream I've had from time to time.

What if we used golf announcers during a football game and say hockey announcers doing golf?

"a CANNONADING drive off the first tee !!!" (shouted loudly)

"ah yes, and an excellent kick return, 90 yards for the touchdown" (said very, very softly)

Off topic, but amongst my favourite sports announcers are British soccer ones; they don't feel like they have to fill up every second with mindless verbiage, and they aren't afraid to tell it like it is, whereas most North American sports announcers, regardless of the sport, seem to think that they have to be shills (like, they'll tell you a game is great even when it isn't).

Best example was from a rather dreary World Cup match a few years ago, and the British announcer, John Motson, early in the second half, summed things up for those just joining. . . "the match so far. . . one side gets the ball and does precious little with it, then the other side gets the ball and does absolutely nothing with it."

It is our stadium, our team and we can be as loud as we want.

oh my god....

this has got to be the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Somebody going to the game should make a sign saying "hey Rick ....." I hope we're not too loud for you!!"


what a dork, loser, moron, etc.. add more if you like :lol:

I don't think you can possibly be to loud. I'm not a Saskatchewan fan but I respect the fans for being loud and dedicated. I always hope for them to lose but my favorite games to go to are Calgary against Saskatchewan. I love watching Calgary v Edmonton but only because we always beat Edmonton. Saskatchewan fans are fun and crazy whether they win or lose!

The TV Announcer communication is great for the Visually impaired.

Why exclude the blind from being able to follow their favorite teams from afar?

if anything they need to use better descriptive language in their play calling.

man I could close my eyes and listen to Foster Hewitt annouce archived hockey games and know exactly where the players were on the ice. The man had skill.

...no disrespect intended Rudy but wouldn't the visually impaired be more apt to listen to the game on radio than the TV given that radio is completely based on an auditory presentation?....

I can just imagine a ref standing on the sideline with a decibel meter waiting to throw a flag if it gets above 90 or something. How many yards would that be worth?

I'd like to see a penalty for excessive whining like when players immediately stand up and start with the flag throwing motion … now let's see, which team has a quarterback that does that on every other play …

wow is that sad!!!!! what a panzy. Rick did you notice there was a football game going on please start watching other sports that you can really sink you writeing abilities into like lawn bowling. What paper would hire let alone publish a guy like this. SAD.

The loser who wrote that article is an arsehole.

I can resort to name-calling because he has resorted to being a b!tch.

I often respect opinions when it comes to journalism but this guy is a fool.

He needs to stay at home, sit in the dark & avoid letting the world know he exists.

What a sad, sad man.