We are the Tabbies!!!!!!!!!!

We are the tabbies!!!!

not the bengals

Time for folks down at the Spec to show some respect and get it right.

Are you with me, or are you against me???

I hope I never have to read "Balsam Avenue Bengal Bunker" ever again.

I'm with ya!!!

Man, I can't stand his writing.

am i wrong but did two nfl teams stake their i.d. on the Tigercats model? the bungles and the steelers(colours) who was original?

Ken Peters writes like a grade eight kid. So much aliteration and yet he manages to say so little.

It’s frustrating that he is somehow a professional journalist.

Perhaps instead of jeering Maas at the next homegame, fans could boo Ken Peters and his mindless writing.

So what you guys are saying is that you won't be purchasing Ken's new book?

[url=http://static.flickr.com/82/243257478_5ef0a00a51.jpg?v=0]http://static.flickr.com/82/243257478_5 ... 51.jpg?v=0[/url] :wink:

Common guys, the words are in a newspaper just to fill spaces around the pictures. Does it really matter what those words say?