We all know Fajardo is not a Collaros or AC. He probably knows it himself.

But with a strong supporting cast he does not have to be the reason we win games. He just has to play solid error free football and not be the reason we lose games because of poor decisions leading to interceptions.


Absolument! Et ça ne ferait pas de lui un quart-arrière à écarter. Je serais content qu’on gagne régulièrement avec Fajardo même s’il n’est pas la cause de ces victoire. Maintenant, l’équipe doit aussi pouvoir battre les meilleurs adversaires en saison régulière avec Fajardo en poste. Je pense que c’est quelque chose qu’on verra en 2024. Peut-être pas toutes les parties contre ces équipes, mais au moins quelques unes au lieu d’aucune.


He came to mind Jack, when I wrote my post. Then I remembered the games and all the jump balls and blind throws his receivers collected and I felt it really it had no relation to the playoff run and comebacks Fajardo put together. But he is one of the guys that were chased out of town. I didn’t like him at all. But they didn’t like Vernon, they don’t like Cody. This is the Calvillo effect. People need to deal with it. This was a very special period, like the Brady period for the Pats. It is over, that was not normal so stop chasing it.

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Yes! That is all he needs to do. Execute and distribute the ball.

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Who is arguing differently? You keep mentioning how “they” hate Cody. But nobody here hates Cody. And I certainly don’t expect him to turn into AC, who was a generational QB. But I do hope he can build on the Grey Cup game and be more of a factor in why we win games, rather than a game manager who avoids losing them, which, like it or not, he was up until the last game of last season.

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I think his leadership is undervalued by many.


Everybody wants Cody to succeed. I don’t even understand the issue. :rofl:

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Ce n’est pas parce qu’on est critiques du jeu de Fajardo, qu’on peut constater ses lacunes, qu’on ne peut pas voir ses qualités et surtout, qu’on ne l’aime pas.

Supporter une équipe n’est pas une affaire de religion, en tout cas, pas pour moi. Je ne crois pas que ce soit le cas pour toi non plus. J’ai fait mon mea culpa à propos des compétences de Maciocia et serai le premier à applaudir les progrès de Fajardo s’ils se confirment.

Pour l’instant, il a bien géré ses parties et les Alouettes se sont rendus jusqu’au bout avec lui. Ce n’est pas rien et on en est très heureux. Mais de là à dire qu’on doit manifester à son égard un enthousiasme délirant et le louanger à coup d’hyperboles, je pense que Fajardo a encore des choses à prouver avant d’en arriver là. Il l’a dit lui-même il y a quelques semaines, alors ce n’est pas une hérésie.


As has been said, everyone here (I assume) wants Fajardo to succeed. He is good enough to propel the team to wins, when he takes care of the ball.

He really surprised me in the Grey Cup. I did not think he could shine on the biggest stage as well as he did. I am very happy he proved me wrong!

I wish him continued success, but will nonetheless be critical if he makes bad mistakes. I will also praise him if he plays well.