Patrick Neufeld (from 10:18) on how things went in the Winnipeg locker room after losing the Grey Cup.

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Watching the third quarter of the Toronto game is better than watching the Grey cup.

A bold statement! They’re both great to watch, though the first half of the Grey Cup is a tough re-watch, particularly with all the ref shenanigans.

For fun, I rewatched the 2009 and 2010 Grey Cups over the weekend. Some random thoughts:

  • The Riders had really good teams. It feels weird to say they deserved a better fate, because we won those championships, but man, they had good, well-coached units on both sides of the ball (maybe not special teams LMAO) and they punished us hard in both games.
  • Is it fair to say Durant lost them both Cups? Probably not (Sean Lucas + Kavis Reed have to bear a LOT of that responsibility), but I’ll still say it. Durant’s brutal interception in the second half of the 2009 Cup (to Jerald Brown) allowed us to get back in the game and eventually win. And that god-awful attempt to throw to the sidelines that Billy Parker picked off to give us the 2010 win? JUST TAKE THE SACK YOU IDIOT. It was first and 15. They still had two more attempts to pick up a first down and they were only trailing by three points. Just get into field goal range.
  • Avon Cobourne was an absolute beast in the 2009 win and fully deserved the Grey Cup MVP honour. He not only ran over people like they owed him money, he was on the sidelines keeping the team energized and engaged even when we were quite far behind.
  • Interesting that Trestman, Milanovich, and Calvillo did much the same thing to deal with SSK’s relentless pressure that Maas and Calvillo did in the 2023 win: the quick passing / screen game. I would bet money that Anthony was the main driver in our 2023 offensive game plan. The similarities are too great to be coincidental.
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That 3d down pass to Cole Speaker was the gutsiest call ever.

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All the action happened in the second half. We will never know but maybe Maas passed the playbook over to AC at some point between half time and the end of the game. It is nice to see AC get some success as a coach. I didn’t think he had it in him but he’s persevered and is obviously becoming proficient as a coach.

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Maybe, though I know it was Maas’s call on the third and 5 to Spieker.

I don’t even think our first-half offence was that bad. We just had that failed goal-line stand which should have resulted in a TD (WPG was lined up offside). Then there was the Letcher fumble just when we were going to get the ball back. Winnipeg had that ref-assisted TD with the garbage UR penalty on Beverette.

As for AC, he said this year that while he used to get impatient if a player didn’t grasp a concept right away, now he understands that his role is to teach and work with the player until he does get it. He’s come a long way as a coach.

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I should rewatch the game :slight_smile: Seems like you have it all memorized :rofl:


LMAO I have rewatched the game many, many times since November!


I am up to four rewatches. Need to watch EF again. Still shocking that one.


Done last week.
So much fun to see Kelly 's eyes after each interception!

I’m still unable to find the play where he got his concussion ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Keep watching, you’ll have to look hard. Though honestly, there seems to be one hit at one point down at Montreal’s goal line, where it is possible that he did sustain a concussion.

Sometimes, it doesn’t need to be a big hit. It’s just how your head is being hit

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Kelly did not have a concussion. The Argos themselves denied that after the game. :rofl:

As @Cflbestfan alluded to, the third quarter of the EDF is liquid magic. The game starting off with that MAD pick-six was sweet, but then there’s a lull where our offence isn’t doing much except giving up sacks.

My particular favourite moment is the Ento pick-six, because that just had commentators on all networks going wth is going on and the Toronto crowd really started to boo after that one. Bliss. :rofl:

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I’d say my favorite moment in the EDF was Letcher’s TD. That was right after Toronto regained some life after finally scoring their first TD (with Dukes being overly hyped about scoring it) on a long drive that wasted 5.5. minutes. Loved seeing the fans’ reaction both during and after the play. Also liked this happening to Bede (who nagged some Als players after a kick, I can’t remember if TSN showed that but RDS did), and how Tuck tackled him and did his iconic celebration.

One thing I think went unnoticed during the ESF is how Montreal took offense in Toronto’s celebration after intercepting Fajardo late in the first half. They started jumping around while tapping one wrist, including the DB coach (Joshua Bell). Then on the next play, Lemon forced the fumble, and Stubblefield nagged the bench by doing that celebration (not shown on TSN it seems). Montreal’s defense for the rest of the game kept nagging Toronto’s. After Ento’s pick-six, Ellis (IIRC) went to Bell to talk about the wrist-tapping, as the latter did the motion as if trying to explain what it meant (once again, not shown by TSN it seems). And there’s that play with about 50 seconds remaining where Stubblefield blocks a pass, then starts doing the wrist-tapping gesture before doing a sword-sheathing motion.

Man, I really wish someone would upload the RDS broadcast now. :laughing:

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So what does the wrist tapping thing mean? Must have missed all of that.

Nice observations on the broadcast, thanks! Yeah, I’ve looked on Youtube for the RDS broadcast and I haven’t found anything so far.

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Who are we to judge if a player have a concussion or not ?

No idea. All of this is easy to miss even if you watched this on RDS, which is why I said I think this went unnoticed. I had to watch the game multiple times and pay attention to every player to notice some of this stuff.

In the following video, you can see Toronto’s celebration at 43:00 and Stubblefield’s late-game mockery at 2:00:27. I’ll see if I can find more online.