We are one month away... where have you gone fans?

With less than a month before heads start bashing, where the bleep are all the RIDER FANS!!!??? I've been checking in for the last two weeks and not a new thread or even as much as a comment in an existing one. It's been a rough winter defending our Grey Cup champs with only a handful of other Rider fans online. It's time to come out and play people, 22,000 people to be exact.


We've all decided to hang out on the Hamilton forum. Has no one told you?


They're still recovering from their Grey Cup Winning hang overs... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Look how long it took Turkeybend to post again on the main forum!

June is almost here. Cant wait to see Tate and Jyles. Hope Crandall is ok. Still worried about losing Joseph. But nlike some of our fans I am going to hope for the best.

I say we win 10 and its a good year. Not as good as 2007 though. The west and the east should be good tv to watch.

woooooooooooooooo!!!!! go riders!!!!!

1st time season ticket holder!!! wooooo!!

Go Riders

Speaking of season tickets, my mom was talking to me today and said that they are up around 22,000 season tickets sold. I don't know how true that is... but if it's anywhere near that, it's pretty impressive.

Looking back.. this could be the 22,000 number Kel was making reference to in the first post...

Bingo. And they(Hopson, Wed. leader post?) have confirmed 22,000, largely attributed to corporate purchases.


does that mean there is only 8,800 tickets left at every game for non season ticket holders?

Nope...that means there is only 6,800 tickets left every game.

haha, ok so what if i cant add

Just enjoying the offseason, getting ready for training camp in two weeks!

Personally, I've enjoyed the relative calm of the last few weeks. I don't need a new "blockbuster trade" every other day to entertain me.
Though I am very unhappy with trading Roosevelt Kiser.
Now that was a great football name....


I wonder how SSK’s percent of season tickets matches up to the other cities’ percentages.

It seems like we got a lot of season ticket holders.

answer- ive been round enjoying most news... nervous about the draft... looking forward to training camp news, and more-so the action on TV :slight_smile:

~just didn't feel like i had much important to say yet.

It has got to be #2 minimum. The Esks always do a bang-up job of promotion. Though, I’m sure the second of two straight years sans-playoffs will have an effect on that bottom line.


This from some one who always says he hates small receivers. So the Riders trade a 5-8 receiver for a 6-5 tackle. And you are very unhappy. It must be the name. Kiser is a much better name than Farrow. :lol:

I’ve been checking in (but not so much signing in) quite regularly. Enough to see the regular pattern: innocuous thread started; someone mentions Eric Tillman or Roy Shivers; a gang bashes Tillman or Shivers; another gang bashes whoever the first gang didn’t bash; then they bash each other; and the mods step in every once in awhile only only to be called hypocrites for doing so … then or even before that, austinpowers appears and pleads for everyone to be thankful we won a Grey Cup and why can’t we just be happy and he gets into the foray.

It’s like an Agathe Christie novel: you know basically what’s going to happen, just not the details, but you read it anyways as the details themselves are too captivating to put it down. Thanks for keeping me entertained throughout the winter everyone!!

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