We are not that good of a team.

You look at the whole picture, and then you check last night's game and you can see pretty obviously that this team is not that good.

We constantly have inconsistent play, bad play calling. QB that is struggling to make the plays, a Defense that is awful against the Running game. a Special teams that can't make any decent returns....

We are one missed field goal away from being 2-4!

If it weren't for the fact that we picked off Jackson's pass in the beginning it easily could have been a much different game last night! even more than 35-20.

We got lucky at the start of the game.

You truly think that the way we are playing, with all these Injuries and our underachieving offense, that we will be able to defeat Hamilton?

Hamilton managed to handle B.C. both games this year!

I'm really sorry guys, you can fight me on this all you want.. but we are not that great of a team!

Now you're back to this again? You realize that the BC loss was your fault, don't you, predicting the Rider win and all? Your 2-4 post guaranteed the win against Calgary, then you turned tail against BC...and were wrong again.

At leats you had the courtesy of reversing your field yet again and have predicted our demise against the 'Cats. Thanks for that.

Look, this is the same team that beat Calgary, who in turn walloped BC, the team of course that beat Edmonton and was dismantled by Hamilton, who themselves nearly beat the nearly unbeatable Als, who lost to Edmonton, and.....

Teams and players do not become go from good to awful and back on a weekly basis. Their play might, but if we had a good o-line against Calgary, we still do. Maybe it didn't execute well, maybe BC gameplanned better, whatever, but it's the same o-line.

You try to extrapolate and make conclusions from a single game performance. You can't, especially in the CFL, especially (it seems) this season. Football is a very hard game to carry momentum from week to week, and with the apparent upswing in league parity, trying to predict based on the prior week will only make you look like a, well.....you.

I starting to worry that you'll get motion sickness from all of this "we suck, we're great, we suck" to-ing and fro-ing. Maybe one of the mods should change your username to Yo-Yo.

Anyway, thanks again for the predicting Hamilton to win. Don't go changing your mind until next week, n'kay?

you know, if we were really a good team? serious contenders for the Grey Cup?

we would have won that game last night! no questions about it!

but we didn't. in true Rider fashion we screwed up and gave B.C. every opportunity to win and they took it.

In all fairness, the Riders are just as good as they were last year. Just this year the breaks seem to be going against them, unlike last year where they went for them all the way to a 6 and 0 start. Just hang on and they will ride through the dark ages. Look at my Cats, last year they couldn't by a break, and this year they are finally getting them.

yes, and I for one am happy to see the Cats having success! and I hope the kick the living $#$$%# out of the Esks tonight..

...whoa...Twilight Zone or what....this is exactly what I said last week, with the noted modifications of course...

I think with the way the teams are playing this year, other than Toronto (from the looks of it anyways) any team could take it all. I said at the start of the year that nobody would be over 12 wins and I stick by that. What seems to be happening this year is that all the teams are so close that one, maybe two plays can make the difference. Take away the fumbled punt that BC scored on and we head into the half up by 2 and possibly by 5 along with the momentum and confidence. Seems in alot of the league's games that is what has been happening for the winners. One or two key plays provide victory.

Are we good enough to blow anyone out of the water? I doubt it.
Does our run D need work? Yep.
Does our QB need to improve? Yep.
Does any other team scare me? Nope. Everyone looks pretty solid at times and pretty weak at times. Nobody has a complete team (though Montreal would be the closest).

I think the salary cap has finally started to really impact across the league this year and level the playing field. It is anyone's game at any time and I will go so far as to predict a Hamilton win and a Winnipeg win tonight which would put the East 4 games up in inter-division play. I have no reason for that other than gut feeling so it will not surprise me if I'm wrong.

And as far as a hit upright being the difference between 4-2 and 2-4, the Eskimos are a missed field goal away from being 2-3 (Bomber game). The fact is, teams make plays and miss plays. So what-ifs do not count.

Week one - Montreal/Calgary - Burris picked off in endzone with Als leading 33-27.
Week one - Winnipeg/Edmonton - Missed field goal at end of game after Hall calls a perfectly timed time out.
Week two - Hamilton/BC - Tisdale 43 yard INT return for a TD giving the Cats the lead.
Last week - Riders/Stamps - Time count violation against stamps adding 10 yards to last second field goal
Last night - Riders/Lions - Fumble on punt return returned for a TD

And those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

Don't be so down on the team.

It is what it is.

Consistently average at the return game....K. Jones was moved to make room for a "return specialist"...........Hmmmmm, i'd be happy for a North & South runner.

Etch will live and die with his style of D........can't argue with ego.

Offense, who's to blame........... It's nearly impossible to develop 3 young QBs simotaniously, so we'll play re-run 2008 and pass the buck onto the shoulders of 3-4? diff. starting QBs. ............I " notice " a coaching trend here.

Am I the only one to "notice " that HC Miller does not " notice " the main issue may not be the starting QB, but it maybe LaPolice.

The team showed almost zero emotion last night. I don't know if it was a totally team brain fart night or if this is a sign of lack of leadership. I'm not inferring that any one player is poisoning the team, rather that it looks like a team of followers without a leader. The QB is the one that needs to stand up and speak out to lead the offense and I'm just not seeing that from Durant. I would like to see Clermont have a bigger role and start calling folks out who make mistakes. Last nights game was the most unmotivated Rider game I have watched in many years. We know they can play as a team as we have seen it this year .... but in the new CFL there is so much team parity that no game is a gimmie and an off night = loss

The team isn't great but they're not terrible either. Losing the last game doesn't mean the Riders can't be contenders. You can be 8-10 in this league and win a Grey Cup. There is a lot of season left, anything could happen.

I dont even know why I ever read any of this junk !!!! Everyone here is a GM and/or an all time leading Head Coach !!!!!! to many pros and not enough fans. Personally the riders can go 0-18 and ill still be a die hard fan!!!! My blood runs green and i like to drink Pilsner and maybe just maybe you asses who are fan forum Coaches should just sit back crack open a cold one and enjoy the good old game of Canadian Football!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously now, tell us how you really feel... :expressionless:

this coming from a guy who has only 2 posts…

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

If it were a perfect world, we’d all sit back and have drinks and just watch a game of football and not give a rats ass about the score.


if that was how everyone was, nobody would ever get fired, because the motto “it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you play that matters” won’t last very long!

all that matters is WIN! at all costs! do what you must do to get that W at the end of the day…

and Fans want a Win… they don’t want a good showing or a happy time…

you can’t honestly be a real fan if you dont’ care about what goes on in between each game!

That is actually my point that I only have 2 posts I dont have any reason to complain about my team and I am a true fan!!!!! You need to take a lesson from Ti-Cats fans guy!!!!! I never said I dont want my team to win lol of course i love seeing the riders kick some ass but if they lose I dont turn my back on them and get critical about how they should play!!! A true fan will bleed green in good times and in bad!!! This post started off as a "WE ARE NOT A GOOD TEAM" My point is we may not be the best or the worst but this is MY TEAM and i would never turn my back on them because they are 3-3 if you can coach the team better then send in your resume in 2010 after miller retires!!!!!

We actually ARE a great team. And I personally can't wait for the proof so we can watch you dine on blackbird.


So what are you gonna do about it? Pick another team to cheer for? Good riddance!

Here's the difference between being a Riders fan and being An Eskimos Fan.

When the Eskimos struggle? the Fans let their coaches and Management know! and the Eskimos do whatever it takes to fix their team so that they become a winning team as soon as they can!

the Fans for Edmonton will not sit there and take having a losing team for not too long!

Riders? oh, well.. ho humm..

you want proof? 11 years of missing the playoffs!

Rider fans got complacent, the Riders Management didn't really do too much to try and fix their team!

Why Can't Rider fans be more like Eskimos Fans?

your team struggles? kick their ass until they make the right changes!

I will never ever change the team that I cheer for!

But I will demand that my Team does whatever they can to always be a top contender in this league! So it's my right to criticize this teams failures and mistakes and ask to see them smarten up and correct these problems!

I'm not going to sit back and just be happy that I am a fan, and enjoy watching the game win or lose!

I wish more fans were like that!

then we would have perhaps 10 Grey Cups instead of our measly 3..

We are one missed field goal away from being 2-4!

If it weren't for the fact that we picked off Jackson's pass in the beginning it easily could have been a much different game last night! even more than 35-20.

And yet in a different thread you bite a guy's head off and post this:
I don't get why people look at the what if's??
That's not a question professor.

I know it can be frustrating with the ups and downs, but your posts look like incoherent messes.

After week 4: 'We suck, Calgary's going to kill us'
After week 5: 'We're good, enough with the what ifs, we won and we'll beat BC easily'
After week 6: 'We suck, Hamilton will destroy us now.'

this team is not a good team… we have 3 wins because we managed to play good games… but we also lost 3 games and 2 of those games we should have won!

here’s the thing… you know why the Alouettes are a good team?

because they have good coaching, a good scheme, and talent.

the Riders? poor coaching, questionable schemes, and YES they do have talent… but they don’t have the best coaching.

The Riders have many steps to go before they’ll be close to an Alouettes team.

I wouldn’t consider a 9-9 team to be a good team. that’s an average team.

I like how a guy who's never been paid to coach a down in his life is so confident in his ability to assess the skills of a man who has made a 30+ year career (ie: paid the mortgage, bought the cars, fed the kids) out of coaching young men to play football, who won a Grey Cup ring as an offensive coordinator, and is presently 15-9 as a head coach. And we're supposed to take him seriously.

Take issue with individual decisions/tactics/plays as being good or bad, if you must, but don't pretend you have some (any) skill at determining whether a pro coach is good or not.

This is part of your problem - you take any little fact, result, and use that to extrapolate to some much larger conclusion, that simply shouldn't be made based upon just that fact, result, whatever. All you do is look at whatever happened last, and use that as the sole basis for your absolute conclusions. you did it with Durant, the o-line, the team as a whole, and now with Miller.

All this because you were a 1-8 high school Quarterback? C'mon.

at least I was something, compared to you.

it doesn't take a genius to figure out what is wrong with a team you know.

I may not have had the best HS career but I have played on a championship team and 2 undefeated teams, and I have won 2 MVP awards, as well as Rookie of the year and I also coached a HS Junior defense to a League Final, with the best defense in the entire Senior and Junior League in the City.

I know what I'm doing.. and what I'm talking about.. you wait and see, when 18 games are through, i'll be right.