We are NOT Rebuilding

I am so sick and tired of people saying we're "rebuilding". We've been "rebuilding" since 2002. Just for a second... look at every other team in the CFL. Watch their offense. Now, look at the Tiger-Cats. What do you see? Same thing with the defense. Other teams seem to have deep playbooks and can, for the most part, execute them. The Cats look so basic. Receivers running simple routes... and 6 yard routes when we need 8 for a 1st. If we didn't have Lumsden and a couple of quarterbacks who can run for their lives, we're not scoring more than 12 points a game. I have no idea if the Cats have blitzed at all this season... sure doesn't look like it. The secondary is just disgusting. THIS ALL COMES DOWN TO COACHING. The players are only doing what they're told to do and how they are coached to do it. THE TALENT IS THERE. We are NOT rebuilding. We suck because our coach sucks.

I sse our starting QB, RB and best receiver all out with injury.

I also see a weak offensive line.

I also see inadequate offensive plays and play calling.

I also saw the first let down by the special teams this year.

I also see the continued inadequate pass rush.

Kirk, 4 of your 5 points all fall on the front office. Offensive line- bad draft/scouting. Play calling-coaches. Special teams-coaches. Pass rush- lack of creativity from coaches.

If there is talent on our O-line or D-line
please point it out to me!

There is talent on the d-line, Adams is definetely a keeper, and Anthony played well tonight. We have seen what Nautyn can do, but i still say we ship him out of here.

I am really pissed as well...

but how come Marshall was fired...cause we lost.

I'd be interested to see if we had kept Marshall under the guise of 'rebuilding' if he would've improved and we would've been vastly improved.

Who knows who cares....

but we always seem to hire the wrong coach and the wrong player.... we're the CFL litmus test.

Even if our offensive and defensive lines are lacking in talent. Look at the NHL. There's proof enough that a good coach can take a bunch of hacks and tell them to do a simple job that will make them effective. Look at the New Jersey Devils.

We need changes on the field as well as the side lines.

I think it's silly to speculate about Marshall. It seemed pretty clear that Marshall had lost the respect of the players long before he was fired. I think that topic is a non-starter.

Ah, no.

Lou Lamarello gets very good players. They are not hacks at all.

He's won with several different coaches.

I'm not sure I agree with your there. Marshall only won coach of the year the previous year. He was done a great disservice. he at least showed some passion on the sidelines, that's more than I can say for the brain-dead bunch we have now.

Wally Buono shows passion. All Marshall did was blow his top all the time. There's a difference.

I think this team will be in rebuilding mode this coming off-season too. How many of these players do you really think will be here in 2009? The team doesn't have a single passing TD this year. QBs are running for their lives on way too many plays. A D that can't stop anyone consistently (the last 2 minutes last night and the game before were primo examples). A coaching staff that can't get the best out of what little they have.

I think there will be many changes for 2009, in yet another rebuilding year.

An Argo-Cat fan

Blow it up and it takes 2-3 more years to turn it around again. 2 years from now you'll all be screaming for change. Building without buying your team via free agency takes time. We have some young players that are keepers.

Year 1 for Obie, year 2 for Charlie... but more importantly, only 6 games TOGETHER.

like most fans it's hard to hear this rebuilding thing again, i can see alot of people jumping ship and not supporting this team. I'm still behind the black and gold but man i'd rather pay to watch paint dry then this team.


I don't know...I saw fire and passion with Marshall. That's what I liked about him. Our team doesn't seem to show that fire.