We are in the playoffs..

I rode the elevator with a Ticat player the morning after the loss in Ottawa. All I said was "tough loss'. He said "yep tough loss...but we are in the playoffs"

It all starts fresh now. Masoli will be better. Mathews was rightfully pulled after he badly overthrew receivers on 2 plays. The communication problem between him and the backs, which led to a fumble, will be much improved with some practice this week. On several occasions I watched as several offensive players looked to the sidelines then at each other and then back to the sideline. There was much confusion several times. We took a too many men on the field penalty on one play.A weeks worth of practice will sort this out.

The O-Line is banged up. So What! Design a game plan with roll-outs, quick handoffs to Gable, quick hitters over the middle. Easy to overcome perceived shortcomings up front...get the ball downfield in a hurry!

2nd and 5...Henry was a master of this all season...short over the middle pass for 7-8 yards. Game was close and it was 2nd and 5 and I sat in dis-belief as we threw a long bomb downfield with a QB with almost no game experience this year. Incomplete..punt. We have 2 of the best over the middle, in traffic, great hand guys in the league. Tasker and Fantuz and we didn't throw to them!

No first downs in the first quarter yet we were still up at the half. Team is resilient and has the talent to win out. Please Mr. Bakari Grant...no more head butts. No matter how soft they appear to be, a head shot will almost always be called.

Quicker, shorter over the middle. Piece of cake eh!

Back in Ottawa in 2 weeks.

Excellent post, I agree 100%!! GO CATS GO!!

I'm not giving up, We can beat these teams, actually I feel more confident now than after the 1st against OTT! :rockin:

We are all hard core fans here, if we weren't, we wouldn't be on this site.
I wouldn't miss these games for anything, Work, no way! Birthday parties, not a chance,
I wouldn't even miss a game for a threesome with my wife and her extremely super hot girlfriend. :wink: 8)

Our team won't give up and neither am I. PLAYOFF Football, It just doesn't get any better!

I'm expecting some heat for this post but yes we are in the playoffs but realistically I'm not expecting much for the rest of this season. I will be of course as always cheering my butt off for our boys in the playoffs but with our depleted roster as it now stands I won't be that upset if we don't make the Cup this year. Let's be honest with ourselves here and ask the questions....can you honestly see us winning the Cup this season with our depleted lineup ? With a 3rd or 4th string QB under center ? Do you really want to go down in history as a team that loses 3 Cups in a row ? Because honestly I can't see this team in it's current state competing with a Calgary or Edmonton in the big game. If you ask me this season has been a lot of fun and the team gave us some memorable moments that were unforgettable but realistically our dream season went down the tubes when Zach got injured.
I would rather lose this season in the playoffs and come back even stronger next season with hopefully the same majority of the roster intact , a healthy Collaros and start fresh again. We all know that if Collaros would've stayed healthy that this would've surely been our year but alas it wasn't meant to be , so anyways to finish off.....Yes we are in the playoffs.....but I'm not expecting much and realistically in the long run it might be better for this team if we do indeed miss the Big Show this season and come back next year even hungrier and hopefully healthier and finish off the 2016 campaign as Grey Cup Champs.

BOBO step away from the ledge! :wink: :lol:

Catfish did you mean Harris was pulled? And it was the Masoli to Sink exchange in the back field that caused the fumble.

Who is this and what have you done with our Bobo...

Hey Ryan :slight_smile: It was a very bad weekend for Bobo.....not only did the Cats lose to the RB's but my Saints also lost somehow to those stinky Titans. :cry: :oops: I would feel a whole lot better about our chances if only we could find a Genie in a lamp and with our 3 wishes we could have granted........#1- Zach magically return from his injury to lead us in the playoffs...#2-That both our injured O-Lineman ( Olson/Bomben) could magically return to protect him.....#3-That our ROY candidate Toliver could magically return to catch his passes. I'm sorry but I just can't see a Mathews or a Masoli or a Harris or even a Gales leading this team to the promised land of the Grey Cup this year let alone actually winning it. Believe me I hope and pray that I'm wrong but I just can't see it happening. Like I said I would rather us not be known as the team that has went to the Cup 3 times in a row and lost it 3 times in a row. Believe me I bleed BLACK "n" GOLD and I LOVE this team like the next guy and would like nothing better than to see them finally win that Cup again but being realistic I honestly don't think they have a shot at it this year. It went out the window (much like Grover's pic ) when we lost the REAL MOP Zach Collaros for the season. :cry:


catrich: You are right on the money. However the Austin/Condell game planning strategy seems to be about an aerial attack first...then again...and ...again.. Unfortunately they seem very reluctant to tailor the plays to the talent (good or bad) that is on the field. I like some of the trick plays they throw in once in a while to throw the opposition off their stride. But then it's always back to the same old.
If we had more of a strong running game and implemented it more often I think we would be more successful in controlling the length of time we have the ball. But it seems the more long passes we throw the more penalties we incur. Two and out and penalty after penalty has been killing us. Couple that with Mathews inability so far to see and use all of our talented receivers costs us dearly and takes the steam out our offence.
I just wish Austin/Condell would stop trying to outwit the other defences all the time with a new look each game. It doesn't work because the other teams catch on very quickly and are able to adjust. But we don't adjust enough.

Predictability works. Don't teams expect Cornish to get the ball a lot in every game? Yet he still gets lots of yards and TD's despite that. It's because Calgary's running game is a priority.
Lofting the ball on first and second down is not the answer. Too may things can go wrong. And when we have to use inexperienced QB's in a system like this, it's no wonder our defence is on the field so much.

I believe we can beat the blue team if the game plan concentrates more on exploiting their weaknesses instead of trying to dazzle them. Never thought I would say this but.... Masoli is our man this week. He looked quite good in the second quarter last week when he was using quick-release short passes and handing off to his backs. I thought "finally some ball control and completions". It did not last.

It was the defense that let us down last game, I don't expect that to happen again!
The Offense was okay considering and Special teams were good.
Lets get back to Ottawa and see what happens. :rockin:

same here.
While just making the Cup final 3 years running is quite an accomplishment in itself, there is no denying the palpable stigma of humiliation involved in losing 3 straight.

the Bills still carry the albatross of the early 90's and are considered the biggest choke artists in the history of the NFL and perhaps for many decades (millenia?) to come even though the team reached the final four years running.

not sure I could handle a similar fate once again this year as it would be far too heartbreaking the third time around....and Zach deserves to win as starter which could very well be at BMO in 2016.

that being said, I still hope for the best for the Cats during these playoffs regardless despite the challenges put forth by bobo.



clearly you did not read my last sentence.

its true they do but as soon as they win a SB that will long be forgotten. we can only hope (if we do lose a 3rd in a row) we wont take as long to win a GC as it has for the Bills to win a SB



I could not care less how many Grey Cups it takes to win.

We go full steam ahead, do the best we can and.......

   Never, never, never give up!!!!!!!!!

Great post "Grover"...simple and to the point !!

not sure I could handle a similar fate once again this year as it would be far too heartbreaking the third time around.
. Maybe we have history on our side: 1961 lost to Winnipeg 21-14, 1962 lost to Winnipeg 28-27 1963 Beat B.C. 21-10 1984 lost to Winnipeg 47-17, 1985 lost to B.C. 37-24 1986 Beat Edmonton 39-15 (Edmonton was heavily favoured).

This team can accomplish the same if the offence is average, the defence returns to their early season dominance and the special teams remain "special".

our defence plus the Winnipeg cold is a wining combination, now we just have to get there :wink:

All we need is 3 wins. Let's pull out all the cliches. "it ain't over till it's over", " let's play one game at a time". You know the Cats want another shot at the Redblacks. Let's go Cats!