We are in the playoffs!!!!

I have never been more proud of our team, what a great way to move into post season by going to Latte land and kicking some a$$ ............. Black and Gold we shall win,
2010 ALL THE WAY! :thup: :rockin: :thup: :rockin:



Arland Bruce the third climbing the ladder in the end zone for a spectacular touchdown was a thing of beauty against his old team.

Big deal where in the Playoffs

What Happened Last year 1 game and Done..

The Ticats have not beat anyone with Winning Record or have not been a good Road Team.

Till we Beat Montreal were not going anywhere.

Our Offense was Lacking this game and we got lucky and Had got alot of Turnovers.

Montreal will not be that Sloppy .

The Game vs Montreal Next Friday is a Must win and a Statement Game

We Must win it to Clinch 2nd Place and show Montreal we Ready for a Playoff showdown in Montreal

we Must be ready to play the big boys like Calgary Saskatchewan and Montreal.

This will only help Confidence going into a Home Playoff Game vs Toronto

Then if we are lucky win in Montreal I will Belive it our year

But I don't see beating Montreal in the playoffs

We are bad road team and we shown it far to offen

I agree with what ur saying onknight HOWEVER The playoffs are a new season ive believed all year that were a better team then weve shown sometimes and in the playoffs ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!
lets just keep building on these two strong games and go forward
and dont break ur ankle jumping on the bandwagon

As much as I'd like to see us beat the Als on Friday, the playoffs are what really count. I'd rather have us save a few wrinkles for Novemeber rather than show our hand and pull out all the stops scheme-wise to beat them on Friday. Especially until we become a more consistent team running the football, I'd rather have us save a few surprises.

Monteal already has the tiebreaker against us, so they only need to win 1 of their final 4 games to clinch first. They have Winnipeg, Hamilton, Toronto, Toronto to round out the season. I can't see them losing all four. If they beat Winnipeg this weekend, next Friday will mean nothing to them in the standings.

For the love of all that's holy...Can't you just enjoy a big win for a bit?!


I think onknight does bring up a point. Our intensity and focus when it is there is fantastic and puts us in the driver seat but it's not consistent enough I don't think to beat Montreal. If we can show this going down the stretch, keep this intensity and focus, then we have a chance but right now I would say that isn't proven yet enough.

Well, I can see over the course of years of posting, never met Tom face to face, that he is a tad up and down as they say. :wink:

My point exactly!!

The Magic Numbers are 2, and 1.

2 -- Any combination of HAM wins and/or TOR losses totalling 2 gives HAM 2nd Place

1 -- A single MTL victory in their remaining 4 games, or a single HAM loss in their remaining 3 games gives MTL 1st Place

I’m with you “cats99” no pessimism here. I’m proud of how hard they’re working. The unpredictability makes them a hard study and I’ll be cheering them on all the way.

The lady makes a good point. Like we fans, the opposition, from week to week, doesn't know which Ti-Cats team is going to show up and whether it'll be the O, D, or STs that lead the charge.

I am too face Bruce I am Realist unlike who this team with rose coloured Glasses.
The Reason we got 2nd place cause Argos make Mistakes and So did Peg when they played us
we did not win a Clean Game vs Toronto
We not beat a Team over 500
We are not a good Road Team
That Won't happen with Montreal and you know it
They don't make many Mistakes
You been Trouble with Staff Practices more then I .
Yelling at Players when told not too.

I am Level 2 Certifed Coach are you Bruce..
I've Coached and play the Game have you.
I see things on that Field you'll never Notice
you just see this team with Rose Colored Glasses.
Where 1 game above 500 and Just Very Lucky

LOL your a howl Tom, they have only givin me trouble ONCE at practice, and that was for telling the players to pick it up, unlike you i tell them to there face! Instead of posting behind walls Brother! Thats why all the players want me to take pictures of them, and respect me!

Anyone here ever heard the saying, Any given day? It only take 1 game to beat Montreal, so i say with no delt in my mind they will beat Toronto at home in the semi-finial, then go to Montreal and win in there House, and then face Calgary in the Grey Cup with a victory there! True diehard fans will never give up on this team, they are in the playoffs and thats all that counts at this time!

"We are in the playoffs" That does sound great doesn't it. A great game yesterday

OFFENCE: Sporadic at times but not too bad as T.O. has a very good defence(nice td by AB3)

DEFENCE: Absolutely fantastic game by all players and staff. Good to see that big smile on Greg Marshalls face, he had alot to smile about :smiley: .

S.T.: Wilber, what can I say, It was a perfect game by our punter! and the coverage was excellent

This team has what it takes to win at home for the semi final, on the road for the final and in Edm. for the CHAMPIONSHIP!

Oskee Wee Wee, Cats all the way!!

I am The kind that said Prove it to me and I will believe
I am born Septic and I admit that
Prove to me that you can beat a Team Over 500
Not Lose some close games by a Few Points
This Team was expected to Contend for 1st in East
They not done that ..They luck to be playing for 2nd.
We are sold a Bill of goods every year and I sick of it
that are nothing more then Words
Now I want them Prove it on the field Beat a Team over 500.
So they got two more shots Montreal or Calgary Beat one And I'll Shut Up !!

I nothing but Respect for players on this Team
There where good enough to make a Pro football Team But everyone is Replaceable.
till win beat Team over 500 I just can't Drink the cool aid Anymore.

you repeat yourself way to much brother!
What dont you understand, its only one game and ANYTHING can happen!
Look at the way Sask lost last year, they had it won and then a penelty changed that in a heartbeat!
My point has been made right there!!!