We are going to Crush on the 29th

If anyone doesn't have plans on July 29th after the game ~ You should come to Crush. Let's create a party :slight_smile:

My girlfriends and I are going to Crush . They are offering VIP line privileges to us.

Reply if you are coming!

What is "The Crush?" Is it a bar, nightclub,?

I'm probably to old for that kinda stuff! LOL

........c'mon sporty, maybe gwennyth and her girls are looking for a sugardaddy to add to their posse............

Crush Champagne Lounge - Granville and Davie area. You seriously don't know where it's at?

No sugar daddies please! The girls and I are going out for some dancing and drinking! Crush is an older club... you'll fit in! But make sure you dress to impress :wink: SEE YOU THERE....

I'll take my Geritol and go home to bed! Young girls would cause a heart attack in an old geezer like me!

…(R&W straightens sporty’s jacket lapels, tightens his tie a little and slaps him on the side of his arm)…go get em tiger…


I want a bunch of cool people to come party with us!

Don't know if my buddy still works at Crush but say hi to Paul for me.

I will tell Paul that the Speedo Model says hi!!!
Is Paul the tall HOT doorman? YUMMY!

Mr.Lionbacker, Are you coming down that night?

getting into a club downtown at 10:30 ish on a friday night... right after a football game will be hell.... waiting in line sucks...

I know its hard to get into clubs when you are male :wink:

We are going to Crush because they promised us line privelleges after the game & we LOVE the room. Just show them your ticket stub... and you won't have to wait.

Paul is the tall doorman. I may be there but I will not know til the game is over. Depends on my mood.

I only wear speedos now cause I use to wear thongs but I kept putting them on backwards and it made me NUTS but it was pretty BALL-sy of me.

Your thong is good luck! Keep wearing it!
I want to be partying until the GREY CUP!

"Party On The Pacific" for Grey Cup '05.

I'm prowling for a lovely lady to make my future ex wife.

It looks like my party will become a matching-making scene!
Well Mr.Lionbacker my girls are hot... and single.

Bring down your boys. Let's have a MATCH OFF!

The game is still a while away. I'll see what I can do.

Here I know a guy down at the old folks home who can spare you some blue pills, not to worry they don't effect your heart just your eyes...We can help you pick the girls after a few pints we all go blind anyway. Oh yeah remember your a Country and Western singer with 3 gold albums ..all you have to do is remember DON"T SING.. :wink:

What a crazy country we live in...man I miss hockey...

Ha ha ha ha ! We are having a MATCHOFF with a Country singer on blue pills. Mr.Lionbacker your chances are looking good right now!

maccraken14, what are you doing after the game?

I won't get there until Grey Cup... section 33 but you said your going to party until then so I'll hold you to it :wink: Tooo long of a road trip and I have to work the Million dollar poker tournament here in Regina that weekend.

Good gravy. Is it hot in here or is it just me?

I don't live anywhere near Vancouver, or British Columbia for that matter...but I think I'll be going to Crush. Wait a minute....I'm married....quick! Someone slap me!!! SMACK.....Whew...thank god...almost forgot I was in a football forum for a moment...