We are getting there

Improvements on the fly.
Nice work CFL.CA people

good stuff, what about Avatars?

…no avatars, if you can’t post reasonably intelligent words do you think pictures are going to help?..

…looks good MRX, like the coloured layers and spacing lines…

As much as I hate quotes this way seems easier to follow it

the index page looks a little messy, with the :
montreal alouettes
montreal alouettes
hamilton tiger-cats
hamilton tiger-cats

It's only like that because they're adding in different sections for different forums. Once it all gets sorted out, it won't look so cluttered.

Hey an off topic section!

Now if only we could lose the quoting! :lol:

well...quoting comes in handy when used PROPERLY...but it does get annoying when people quote the whole post thats directly above them.

maybe u can conduct a 'how to use quoting' seminar..lol

....I agree, don't quote if the post is right above your post.....

Kanga i agree why don't they have avatars that would be great


Oh joy, now Kanga has a whole new playground (read: asylum) to flood in his bid for total message board domination. :roll:

...that a boy Kanga.....keep er going mate...lol lol.. :smiley:

c'mon mate you know I will not dominate the off topic and leagues forums! much...

I sugest you avoid agreing with KK, it's a good way to look stupid

how so?

I wonder......

This site is getting worse.
I log in.Then I have to go to the forum section again.
Half the time I don't know if it is getting posted.
Just leave things alone.SHHHEEEESH!!!!

I set the forum page as a favorite and click on remember me.

This way I go straight there and log in maybe twice a week!

I like the new site, it looks really good. And I'm glad to see the Renegades logo is still up there :slight_smile: It's good that there's an off-topic section for the forum ... maybe consider adding a separate hockey section? All in all, I'm really happy about it. I hear what Saskargo is saying about logging in, and then not being sent to the forums ... but I just use the top menu (fanzone>>forums) and it works fine, after I've logged in.