We are getting gold helmets!!! But do we want them?


The Ticats were wearing their 1960s-era uniforms Saturday night but didn't have the gold helmets to match. According to Hamilton team officials, the helmets arrived late and weren't up to the team's standards.

Instead, the players wore their normal black helmets with the 'TC' decal.

The Ticats will have the gold helmets for the Labour Day game against the Argos and the following week for the re-match in Toronto.

I guess we were supposed to have gold helmets on Saturday but they weren't up to our liking. We will be wearing them on Labour Day and then against the Argos the following week.

But do we really want to wear them? I am superstitious and maybe that combination was lucky for us. Who knows?

Be interesting to see the gold ones. I'm not a fan of letters on helmets though. A leaping tiger is much more intimidating than 2 letters.

And the jerseys.. even though they were not 60's accurate I really like them. The darker gold is awesome. The gold pants look great also.

I agree. I am not a fan of the 2 letters but it was one of the helmets that they wore in the 60s.

It will be interesting to see them.

I thought the uniforms looked awesome. The photos in the spec today looked really good.

They might not be 100% accurate but they do have that feeling of a throwback to yesteryear.

With all due respect to your superstitiousness, I want to see gold helmets on Labour Day. LMAO :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

For the love of Garney....

Can't we put all the stuff about pants, colours , helmets, logos etc. into one thread?

A decent team and a winning record and people are worried about fashion. :thdn: