we are finally playing some western teams

we are finally playing some western teams, thank god, know hopefully we can gain some ground on sask for first place , these games against edmonton are going to be hudge, if we win in edmonton hopefully we can get over 35,000 for the next game at home against edmonton

Last night was the smallest crowd we will see all season. Back to back home games in July are a killer — never mind 40,000 people in Pemberton for the weekend and the game sandwiched around the fireworks. There were a lot of reasons to take pass on this game but still 30,000 showed up.

Now two huge games in August against Western opponents before we hit the fall stretch. The parity at least means every game looms large and nothing will be easy for the Lions.

i agree everything will be has hard as it was against montreal.maybe we might blow some teams out like sask you never know.