We are Embarrassed!!

Finally the there has to be some firing....we are embarrassed....We do know Austin hates to score in the 4th and the defense plays the prevent defense...well it's a joke....when is the team going to grow up...good players and no coaches...now no one can disagree with this truth for once!!!


Who should be fired????

As I said...in English..it's called the Head Coach & the defensive great one...great play for 3 quarters but what about the 4th?



it was like watching the team regress back to how they played at beginning of the season .

The Montreal game prepared me for this pain. So, oh well. It was an VERY even fight but I think we forgot we’re not invincible, fell asleep and let it slip away. Another lesson for the team, but we’ve got a chance to right this wrong in only two weeks. Oskee Wee Wee!

Tommy Condell.


so lets fire the coach n the d ccorridinator ..... hows ur anles buddy im sensing u feel off the ticat wagon

While you're at it lets fire Bob Young, pigskin Pete, and Stripes for their contributions to tonight's loss :thup:


Don't forget fire the fans too - only 2 or 3 thousand of us there tonight among the 15,000 or so there. :stuck_out_tongue:

…or maybe they just wanted it more :oops:

...or they are just as talented as we are, and it was just the way the penny dropped tonight...

This may be the key issue. We have lost the keen mind and the inspiring presence of TC and are stuck with the juvenile antics of Stripes who has weighed down our team's fortunes during the entire span of the Caretaker's rule. FREE TC!

Can we all agree to fire Rod Black?

How about the worst color man in sports Glen Suitor!

Nobody has to be fired buddy , the players need to be booked team fines for ongoing virus called stupid undisiplined penalty bug that was in the locker room last year and still makes it's rounds this year . Also critical turnovers and a bad snap last night is on the players hands not the coaching staff !

Glenn is a good guy and very nice too meet...Oh yes...we are in Canada and use the English language and spell Colour the right way...not the american slang.

Sorry...I just don't see what the fans have to do with play calling?? I guess I'm missing something...it sounds like you do know more than the rest of us....cheers

…can some interpret this comment for me?? I know it was sent in late but I have picked up something about my ankles and a wagon , I think??? The sender must be under 15 because of the attempted shorting of words…must live for texting!!

He has a fetish for attendances. everyones attendance not named Toronto that is