We are bad Road Team

We have Worst Road Record in the CFL.
We have 2 games left at Home Both Must Wins..
we may get lucky and Beat Toronto away .
That is 3 wins..

But We can't win on the Road . Good Teams win Road Games .
We have 1 once on the Road..
This worries me ..


Worst in the CFL :frowning:

Seems we dont execute well enought to win those tight road games. Good teams win close games, the Cats well improved are still a team that is building. If both the offense and defense executed in a game we would be a lot better.

We may have the worst Win/Loss Record on the road, but I disagree with the general comment. The distractions on road trips are particularly hard for young teams to handle. Our young team has done well. Our biggest loss on the road this year was by 13 points, in Week 4, in MTL. Including that game, we've lost 5 road games by an average score of less than an unconverted TD. With a break, here and there, we could easily have won 3 of those 5. We've lost 2 games at home -- by 13 and 34.

Sick and tired of hearing how young they are as an excuse for why they lose that's a bunch of B S

What are the things that are distracting on road trips?

All the more reason to solidify our second place standing for that home game (win) come playoffs. I know we can win three of the last five for a 9 & 9 finish! No need to spit the dummy yet. :smiley: