We are at the seasons half way point, what individually has stood out?

A couple intersting stats at the halfway point.

STE is 62 yards behind our leading rusher in 30 less attempts.

We have 2 WRs on pace for over 1,000 yards in Dunbar and White

Santos Knox on pace for over 100 tackles

Howsare on pace for 10 sacks.

Seth Small 12 of 13 and 9 of 9 has been awesome.

What has stood out individually for you so far?


Woods…Woods…and Woods…
They guy plays on all special teams and is a beast on punt/kick coverage and even better on return teams. Too bad another marginal call by the refs took his touchdown away. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Such small stature and tough as nails.
Another fabulous find by the Ticats.


Would love to see him come in on a few plays on Offence!
The guy is electric! :zap:


Three come to mind:

In his first game agains the Argos a couple years ago STE performed really well - he seems to play at another level against the Argos.

I've been very impressed with Micah Johnson, blowing through double teams.

Jamie Newman has also impressed - love his size and his drive.


After last night , The Cats pick up of Shiltz was huge in the off season .


Kiondre smith looking solid too last couple games


The Canuk QB in BC

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Special teams cover team played weak. F/G kicking after Small got here has improved immensely.
The FG block last week was terrible; but hopefully Butler has this fixed for the rest of the year.
Oline is coming along after a horrendous start...want to see this Oline against a top western team Dline to see how they measure up.
.....of course Defence has been stellar whole year.

Banks has more or less kept his social media mouth free.

Coach O playing Shiltz in game situations strengthened his game and the team , smart coaching…..


Happy to see him score from 43 and 46 yds. vs. Toronto with his 2 longest FGs, as a TiCat. He's got the best % success rate among the league's FG kickers, but his longest is the shortest, among them, and only 30% of his successful FGs have been from 30, or more, yards out. In college, his longest FG was just 52 yds. The lack of distance could be a concern, down the road, particuarly with him taking one of the American roster spots and performing only FGs and converts.

Kicking in the wind tunnel that THF is,
Seth Small is doing great!


The fact that Seth Small's FGs are shorter also demonstrates our offence sputters closer to the goal line. Got to finish those drives; especially inside the 10 yard line.


Like Janarion Grant (5' 9") for the Bombers and Lucky Whitehead (5' 10") for the Lions. Both are speedsters coming out of the backfield.


Tunde Adeleke , Dylan Wynne , Micah Johnson, Cariel Brooks , Ciante Evans, Kameron Kelly, Jumal Rolle , Tim White, and Lawrence Woods have stood out for me . Sean Thomas Erlington and Kiondre Smith are coming on !


Injury replacements and player upgrades may be on the way . The NFL cut-down dates and their quotas for 2022 are as follows: August 16: 90 to 85 players. August 23: 85 to 80 players. August 30: 80 to 53 players.
I'd love to see Kalinic back with the Cats .


I like the trajectory that this team is on. They are starting to come together/see who the main difference makers are after some losses that have served as teachable moments/reminders of what they will have to do (and avoid at all costs) to win down the stretch.

On the other side of the trajectory spectrum, we all know that teams who dominate for the first half of the regular season sometimes underachieve/flame out in the playoffs. I predict that will happen to BC this year.

Kiondre Smith
The Lions Oline

Yes we know that story well; Its a rarety that we start out well...but we are guilty of flaming out if we ever do start well...in 2015, we were playing lights out for first few games and disaster struck and we flamed out. Of course, we chose to flame out in GC in 2019; but second half of regular seadon in 2019 - we found ways to win....I think BC will do same.

I think a healthy Simoni makes the defense a WHOLE lot better.