We are about to find out how little TSN cares about the CFL

With TSN about to be forced to brodcast a game on Sunday, I have 3 predictions.

  1. it will be well attended
  2. it will only be on 1 or 2 TSN channels
  3. It will have high ratings despite not being on many of the TSN channels

The CFL needs to get out of this stupid TV contract, and needs to get back on Sportsnet and CBC, in addition to TSN.


I can only watch one at a time anyway, so not a problem in my world.


It's too bad that Pre Season Amateur Lawn Bowling (The ALB) from Turkey is on in the same time slot. Otherwise this would be an easy choice for TSN.


SI once used "Polo from Rolo" Rolo New Mexico I think.


I think Paul Rolo plays Polo solo.

Paul Rolo

I am new to this forum. I too think that tsn is the worst thing to happen to the cfl. I do not have satellite or cable so i thought i would pay 100 bucks and cast the games. The tsn app literally buffers every 90 seconds fo indiscriminate amounts of time. CFL please look at offering packages to stream games. Even junior hockey provides better coverage than tsn


Try finding a CFL game on ESPN. Next to impossible.

All CFL games are on ESPN+

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ESPN linear channels ESPN2 and ESPNews together airs 20+ CFL games a year that includes the playoffs. The rest are on ESPN+. Once NCAA football starts, almost all the regular season games go ESPN+.

ESPN2 and ESPNews are separate linear channels that are not always included in your cable package. ESPN+ is a streaming only service not related to cable which means you need to pay an additional monthly fee if you want that. Point is to see all the CFL games, you need to subscribe to ESPN2, ESPNews, and ESPN+.

The main ESPN channel has not aired a CFL game in decades.


I think CBC owns the rights to that.


The Thursday night double header did not work for me. Missed about half the game from dozing. Can't imagine anyone was left awake in the Atlantic provinces by the time it was over.

The Sleeman 2.0 ad is a clever ad the first time you see it. Constantly aired over both games it becomes less effective. Everyone knows the beer pops out of the arm of the chair and the guy doesn't hit the bulls eye but comes up celebrating like he did. There is hope for him as a defensive back. I am sure we will see the same ad in the Grey Cup. To me this screams that no one cares.

TSN needs to implement a much more marketing focused approach. Chintzing out costs them money as well. Should hire someone from Fox.


Two games on Thursday.. What a joke.
No wonder most teams dont have 10k season ticket holders anymore.. TSN is killing tbe league.


I agree with your sentiment on TSN...however to the buffering....get a better internet speed and and check your wifi too I have not a problem with buffering

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I had loads of buffering issues a couple years ago, when I was using a windows laptop. I switched to a Chromebook and have no issues now. Your problem might be related to the browswer you use and the settings.

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Very accurate. My problem is I cannot get the cable package that includes ESPNEWS at all where I live. In 2019 all the playoff games were on ESPN2 so I could watch them on TV. In 2021 three playoff games, including both western games were on 'NEWS so I have never seen them. This year both semi and final games are "TBD" so I don't know if I'll see ANY of them. If ESPN gets any more greedy I may never see another Grey Cup.

My phone is 5g and internet is Shaws best package whatever that is. I assume at least 4g. Bc Hamilton game was better than Al's and redblacks but still many problems. I'm going to switch out my chromecast and see if there is an improvement

TSN keeps getting worse on all things CFL.
On last nights sportscast coverage of the Ottawa Montreal game, an Alouette two point convert was the only Highlight of a team which scored 40 points and won the game.


I saw that too. They were so invested in the "Ottawa's loss proves Stegall wrong" storyline that they forgot to actually show footage from the team that ... won the game.

And it's not like we didn't give them material. The big Mayala run, the Awe fumble recovery, we had some plays.


Please get Duane "Cure for Insomnia" Forde out of the booth. I cannot think of a less colorful color commentator in the history of pro sports. Zero energy, zero sense of timing, no ability to be enthusiastic about what he's watching, agonizing seconds of silence during a replay where it's his damn job to provide insight on what just happened. Awful.


Right? Not to mention those two “sportscasters” who
wouldn’t know a football from a box of white wine.