We are a QB away from being possible Champs!

Durant is not the answer, O-Line or no O-Line!

he's very inconsistent, makes bad choices and cannot hang onto the football (neither can a number of players)

until we have a QB that is formidable, we won't be winning the Grey Cup..

our defense can only do so much.

You go 6-0 with Durant as a starter. You lose one game and suddenly he's not the answer? I dunno. Durant looks pretty good to me. He had a bad game, which happens to anyone and everyone. Give him a chance to bounce back before you write him off.

Durant seemed to be afraid to take any risks with the football. He wouldn't try the pass unless the receiver was clearly open. You have to try and throw the balls in traffic and let the receivers win the battles.

I see it as a problem with the way they're trying to coach error-free football and it's turning into risk-free football. Durant is simply doing as he's told. I've found that most of his decisions have been good ones -- especially for his 7th start.

Not so much Durants fault he did get lots of pressure and was pressured every play, I like him but i don't think he is the answer, I give him credit for taking the sack and throwing the ball away instead of trying to force it like most young guys do and then that leads to INT, its to bad he wasn't a bigger QB, he needs to make a quicker decision and if nothing don't be scared to tuck the ball in and run, I think he is the best we have right now, not sure on this new guy that is signed. Durant and the offence have to have better play selection and use Cates and mix things up, i really wish they would quit with that shotgun every play. and i really would'nt mind if they took a look at Printers as a backup and maybe go from there, I think he does have great talent but needs to be around some good coaching staff.

I’m not ready to hang this entirely on Durant. As I saw the game it seemed like Durant was not getting any support from the sidelines and certainly not from the offensive line. Whatever it takes recievers have to get free and that wasn’t happening. Dressler can’t be expected to carry the whole team by himself, the other ball catchers are going to have to start pitching in. We all know that Clermont is a very good reciever game in and game out, yet in the Riders’ scheme he barely manages to catch one pass per game. You might say that’s because the QB is not getting him the ball but I sense that he just isn’t buying into the Riders’ system. It simply is not good enough for a coaching staff to stand paralyzed on the sidelines for an entire game and then point the finger at the QB in the post game reaction! What about LaPolice? Will someone in the Riders’ organization please give him some help with the playbook? The guy has the imagination of a doorknob! So you want to go back to that never ending story of cast off quarterbacks? We’ve tried that for a hundred years but good luck with that.IMO changing the QB is not the answer because we are still going to have all the other problems that this team is facing. In the end we have to understand that we played a very good team that neither the coaches or the players were ready for!

Durant is still learning. Give him time to develop. Remember Calvillo was brutal in Las Vegas (with the Posse), and Hamilton. It wasn’t until he came to Montreal that he played well.

I 100% agree Ronny! Every time it's Durant didnt do this, Durant did this too many times. He's not the only guy making mistakes. Besides Montreal is a Freakin power house! This was their lowest scoring game! :o Who else is their (at this point) to be scared of???? Edmonton next week? NO! Calgary the week after? I think we can handle them. IT was one game against a power house alouette team, alot of guys on that team are getting VERY close to the end and want one more ring to go out on, they are gonna be a tough team ALL year and may even pull a 2007 NE PAtriots and go 18-0! :o

This one has to be put on the coaching. When your entire offensive line is hurt and you have raw rookies in there, you can't be calling plays that take maximun protection and 4 or 5 seconds for the play to develop. If they would have come out with hitches and screens, at the begining at least, I think we would have seen a much better offensive performance. This would have also given the Defence some rest, as they were clearly worn down by the end of the 3rd, having been on the field for 80% of the game, and we got what we got, a good old fashion s hit kicking and wake up call. Hopefully Mr. Lapolice answers. Oh and great challenge there in the first quarter on the punt fiasco. It was already explained to the entire stadium that we were 2 yards short after recovering the ball. Yet they challenge weather Montreal player touched the ball or not. What was the upside???????? Fittingly, it was all down hill from there.

It is not the time to create a QB controversy. As said by others he has to be given the opportunity to improve and grow in the position. Look at how much patience Calgary has shown in Henry. It was not until last year that he showed he could actually be a consistent game winning leader on the field. Besides I don't think you can attribute this loss totally to the play of Darian.

Over-reaction to Durant. He is a young player still and has some strong upside. We better stick with him and not go through the QB circus of last year, it is counter-productive. I think we were out coached and quite frankly I am really questioning whether or not Miller has what it takes to head coach at this level.

Durant was 6-0 as a starter he has to lose a game sometime and he needs to learn the feeling of losing a game I think Durant is going to be a great QB but you dont wake up a great QB and your certainly dont get cast out as a bad QB after 1 loss. Now the play calling has been very vanilla why didnt they try to use cates and charles at the same time? Our O-line is banged up and not playing well I hope we can come up with some clever play calling soon. No worries with the D Stevie baggs is a monster and did anybody see that tackle kornegay made when he jumped like a lion pouncing on a gazelle amazing best tackle ever!!

Durant should have been pulled early 3rd, if the offence could have moved the ball and time off the clock instead of many 2 and outs the game would have been allot different defence played amazing until they got tired from being on the field all game. Offence let the defence down for sure, a better offence of play calling is in need, as tv watcher and knowing how the game works it was easy to see what the offence was doing and im sure was easy for the Als to call in signals to there defence. time to mix things up like the screen can be an amazing play so as the bootleg along with many other plays like a draw, did not see anything even close to this. If they dont use more of there play book other teams will eat them up, stop with the shotgun every damn play!

they need to do a better job, period! everyone has to step up!

Durant should of been given the hook half way through the second, even for just a couple of series, unfortunately we have no backup...So we were stuck with a QB who clearly was not at game speed.

Tentative throws ending up in the turff....
Indesisive should I run or should I pass decision making....IE: Montreal 4 yard line sad pass into the turff , shoulda run it in...

Terribly slow release and play developement......Especially on the roll-outs, topped off by telegraphing the passes into tight coverage........GAWWWD, no wonder our receivers were getting clobbered.

DD still playes dirty diaper with the football....is it any wonder that the ball gets punched out.

Nope DD's head was not in the game........I blame the coaching not making half time adjustments ....

OH yeh! Dressler twice on returns twice gets nailed hard, last time was a horse coller ...........Brilliant

I like how everyone is saying we need to develop our own QB, and then after a bad game all of a sudden he isnt the answer... :roll:

I would just like to echo what many other people have been saying. It was NOT solely Durant's fault that we lost yesterday. When receivers and running backs fumble the football every 4th drive, you won't win too many games. Sure Durant had his problems. He is a young quarterback who played a very good Montreal team; clearly the best in the league at this present time. It would be a mistake to do what we did last year; trade for a quarterback like Michael Bishop. As was pointed out, he is 6 and 1 as a starter. The Riders have great leadership on their team. I expect that they will go in today or tommorow, watch the film and fix the mistakes for next week.

I don't know why some are panicking, we played the best team in this league yesterday, and the results showed it. Yes, some better decisions could have been made about how to effectively drive the field agaisnt the Alouette D. We have to go with the young QBs, I've said that for quite awhile now. Durant didn't have his best game, if he learns what he did wrong, then he will be better for it. Rider fans should be happy we are 2-1 because we could easily be 1-2, even 0-3 if not for a 30 pt second quarter against Toronto. The Riders and us fans have to take the good with the bad, bringing in someone like Printers or trading for another QB is absolutely the worst move this team can make right now.

I think as a team we just weren't prepared well enough. The play calling wasn't great when you factor in our patch work O-line, needed some plays in there that called for Durant to get the ball away quickly. We didn't really run the ball a whole lot, and when we did Cates looked uncomfortable and not quite up to full speed.

We hung with the best team in the league for half the game, unfortunately that was mostly because of our defense and they eventually just wore out.

Durant is still our best option at QB, hopefully we'll see some improvement next week in a better gameplan because it looked like they just gave a 6 year old some crayons and sent the resulting artwork in as offensive plays.

I understand that I am a new CFL and Roughrider fan, but I must say, that was the worst offensive performance I've ever seen. Some of those throws by Durant were just plain pathetic. And Jyles, can't hold onto the football, or even take a snap for that matter.

I don't think he should get the boot after only one loss, but we need a QB that's going to look at a 33-8 4th quarter deficit and say: "We are going to win this game"!!

We need an offensive attitude, that even if we can't stop a team like the Al's, that we can at least match them point for point, TD for TD. I didn't see anything like this on Saturday. I saw an offensie unit that looked defeated, well before the game was over.

Even though the starting QB gets credited for wins and faulted for loses, I think LaPolice should take the fall for this lose.

3 games we have been outscored in the second half 66-14 and not a single point in the third.

No real offensive adjustments against Montreal at the half lead to a worn down D midway through the third.

A Rusty Cates running behind a fairly raw O-line right into the heart of Montreals defense dosen't help either.

I have faith in Durant, it's LaPolice who concerns me.