We are a mediocre team

Seen the word mediocre pop up alot lately… But after a few really nice wins and a disappointing loss we’re back down to earth.

Emotions aside. Is this team not the definition of medicore right now?

6-6 record
5th best record out of 9
2-5 record vs the teams currently in front of us.

Definition of mediocre.


[ol]- of only moderate quality; not very good.
“a mediocre actor”



Absolutely. But that doesn’t preclude us getting better and hitting our stride at the right time. I’ve got a good feeling about this team now that the cheerleaders are back!

Why can’t this team finish better than .500 at best? There has to be an FBI investigation on why the Ticats cannot get over that hump year after year after year…it doesn’t even happen by accident around here…

Still thinking we can finish 10-8 with an outside shot at 11-7. Don’t think we will beat Ottawa twice. So maybe this is the year we crack the .500 barrier?

We were a mediocre team last year, made no significant changes in free agency or through trades, and continue to be mediocre this year. Shocking.

June divides the season into 3rds
2-4 after the first third
4-2 in the second 3rd
We are an average team that has the potential to be very good. The last 6 games will reveal it all.

Noticing means never having to say you’re sorry.

Mediocre teams won the Grey Cup the last two years .

TOR wasn’t mediocre in the games that mattered. Rose to the occaison. HAM can’t say that yet.

Exactly. Except we’re mediocre at QB. That’s harder to overcome.

We can also call the Cats a team that is 2:00 away from greatness.
When you look closer at the 2-5 record against teams ahead of us.
The 5 losses involve 3 teams. Against each of those teams we were one play away from beating them.
Cgy - 2:05 remain. Down by 6. 1st and 10. We throw a pick.
Sask - :40 remaining. Down by 5. 1st and 10. Turnover on downs.
Ott - :27 remaining. Down by 6. First and 10. Surrender 2 sacks.
When we find a way to make those late game possessions into game winning drives we become tied for greatness with Cgy at 9-3 while Sask and Ott become mediocre at 6-6.

For fun, throw in the Bomber game…
1:13 remaining. Down by 6. 1st and 10. 2 procedure penalties.

So in 4 of our 6 losses, we have had possession of the ball, 1st and 10 with enough time on the clock to score a game winning TD. The great teams will turn those possessions into scores. We are 2:00 minutes away from greatness and 3 teams ahead of us are only 2:00 minutes better than mediocre.

Good thing our Special Teams and O-Line are elite then to balance things out. 8)

If that was true then we’d be better than mediocre as a team.

Please don’t tell me that’s the new Masoli defense. “Yeah, but special teams and O line suck too.”

Well, I guess only the most generous would say that the O-line gave Masoli very much in the way of defense in the Calgary game?

Or the two SSK games or the OTT game or...

What happened last week to the offense is not new. If fans were surprised by it they are beyond help.

More the standard response when someone tries to pin the team's woes solely on him.

I disagree. I think we are very good at QB.

I agree with stevevh. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

number 1 is pretty good, but who is number 2 and 3??