We are a good team....

I know that after Fridays loss there was a big uproar. A lot of posters saying were not good anymore.

I disagree,I think were a good team, but not great. Unfortunately, we just havent been able to win the close games. Thats what a great team usually does, wins the close ones.

I think this team just has to develop a killer instinct, and learn to put teams away, when we have the opportunity. In two of our losses we had the lead in the 4th quarter. Blew the lead in the final few minutes. We actually came back to tie Saskatchewan, with the momentum and lost in the 4th.

As far as losing to the Argos. We didn`t play with enough urgency to put them away. It was like we almost expected the Argos to roll over. I like Nick Setta, but unfortunately he has a hard time kicking the longer field goals, hopefully he can do something to break that trend.

Also in the CFL any team can beat another on any given day. We were horrible last year but shocked everyone beating Montreal, which at the time had a great record. They lost to us, did that make them bad, No way!!!

As Ticat fans we shouldnt be discouraged were .500 and it could be worse T.O and Winnipeg are 4 games below .500 and they have their work cut out for them. I believe were a better team than them. We already know we can play with anyone in this league. I think well prove it again on Friday.

Go Cats!!!

Right now, we are definitely a .500 team because we only play two quarters of every game. We just never know which two quarters it'll be. Either we don't wake up until the second half, or if we start strong, we'll take the 2nd and 3rd off and try to catch up in the fourth. Or, we'll play two good early quarters and give it away in the fourth.
Once we start playing a full sixty minutes, we will be a good team.

I agree that we are a .500 team.

I just wouldn't call a .500 team a good team.

Good teams find a way to win close games. Average teams don't

I think we are a good team. We have been in every game this year. Calgary and Saskatchewan only have one more win than us. Montreal is supposed to be the class of this league and have lost to Edmonton and B.C. Both of those teams we`ve beaten.

I'd say the standings, as they are, pretty tell the truth -- The Cats are a good ENOUGH team.
Good enough, that is, to make the playoffs and then, history has shown that sometimes, the stars align and the underdogs win.
As the standings show, the Cats are a better team than Winnipeg and Toronto. I'd say they're comparable to BC and EDM, maybe a bit better than BC (and we've beat them twice), and likely not quite as good as EDM (even though we outscored them in the two games). They certainly are not as good a team as any of the other three, but they're closer than they've been in long time. I'd rank them 5th right now with expectations that I could be ranking them, as high as third or as low as seventh after 18 games.

Hey we are a good .500 team. No one predicted that we would be 5 -5 at this point NO ONE!!
We can still go 13 - 5!! but realistically 10 - 8

Realistically 9-9 I think. We play Calgary twice, Montreal twice and Saskatchewan once. All of them are better than us. That's five games we could easily lose. If we win any of them will make up for the losses we might experience against the others. A 9-9 record will get us into the playoffs in all likelihood, and then anything can happen. It's better than the number of wins we've had in the last two seasons combined. Decent progress.

My guess is we'll be 9-9 or 8-10 good enough for 2nd in the east and a home playoff game

This game against Calgary is Big!!! If we can win this. Im sure it will give us a lot of confidence against Montreal. Im hoping Marcel can light a fire under these guys. We have 2 home games. Both these teams can be beaten.

we are young team,, and we will continue to improve..finally, too we have a good experienced defensive coordinator in marshall and we seem to have the young guys on the defence we need to stick with for a few years and let them gel as a unit.

The Bill's nearly beat a top 5 team and lost cuz of an idiot move. The dolphins lost to a top 20 team.

I hate to gloat, but.... We are a good team. We proved it again tonight. As Glen Suitor mentioned on TSN. "The Ticats are for real"!!! Let`s take out Montreal next week with a packed stadium!!!

Go Cats Go :rockin:

Doing that might convince a few we ARE for real!!

I couldn`t resist HTD, Hopefully they get the message :smiley:

We played a full 60 minutes… and won the game… against the number 1 team in the west.
Great effort by everyone, especially the coaching staff.